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Jul 19 2012

AALL Boston – I am there! #aall12

I know it has been ages since my last update – I really have to get on to documenting the rest of Europe. This is even more of a priority since last week we booked to return to Rome in February next year. Oops! We couldn’t help ourselves. We love Rome so much – we are already counting down until we get there!

But in other news of a more library nature, a few months ago, I was awarded an LLAGNY Travel Grant to attend the AALL Annual Conference in Boston. Yes, I know… OHMYGOSH! I screamed when I got the email.. I am SO excited!

AALL Boston

This is my first big American conference. I have been to LegalTech twice but to me, that was almost more of a sales conference and it didn’t have a library focus. The AALL is HUGE and time has flown by so quickly, I cannot believe that we leave for Boston on Saturday!

You can see my conference schedule here. Hopefully the WiFi will be exceptional and I will have no trouble securing a powerpoint so I can live blog away.

No doubt I will be also thinking about all the amazing NLS conferences back in Australia and all the happy memories there. I hope that I manage to make some wonderful contacts… I was so lucky that my involvement in ALIA was the basis of so many friendships I still hold today.

AALL being in Boston is a big time bonus. I love Boston SO much. When I moved over here, I always envisaged that I would stay in New York for a year and then head to Boston. Well little did I know that Bill would make me an offer I could not refuse! 😉 Instead of organizing my things for the conference, I’ve been reminiscing about Boston memories. The first time I visited Faneuil Hall, eating clam chowder at Legal Seafoods, my first Nantucket Nectar, riding the T, the Freedom Trail, my first visit to Fenway, when I spent St Patrick’s Day 2006 at a Dropkick Murphys concert with Amy… I love it all!! I am really looking forward to being at such a great event in a great city! Now.. some flashbacks!

Here I am on my first visit to Boston in 1999 where I fell in love with all things Beantown!


Then again in 2002..


Then again in 2005..

Jenelle the Celtic

Then again in 2006.. where I spent time behind the scenes at the JFK Library and Museum and also the Harvard Law Library. It was an AMAZING visit!

JFK Library & Museum

Then again in 2009..



Then again in 2011.. this time in North Cambridge!

North Cambridge

Nov 12 2009

2009 Benefit Dinner

The 2009 Benefit Dinner is now over! The past few weeks had been a whirlwind in the office and it all culminated on Monday night at Cipriani on 42nd Street.

We all had to get there at 9am to start stuffing the goody bags – this cannot be done until on the day and with 600 bags it was going to hopefully pass quickly. With total team work, this was done by 1pm! Which gave us all time to get ready and ensure everything was ready for the night. This is what a small percentage of stuffed bags look like…


There were five of us allocated to work at the registration desk – this year it went so smoothly and time passed so quickly that before we knew it, we were standing for our respective anthems.

The night was fantastic and we covered a full program. For many, the highlight was the performance of Amber Riley who could have broken windows if she wanted to – her voice is SO STRONG! Also, I loved Simon Gleeson’s performance of Tenterfield Traveller. The Fellows speeches were fantastic and Kevin Sharer and Dave O’Reilly were both wonderful honorees.

So… I guess you want to see some photos. Here we go…!


Here is a candid pic that Bill took.


Bill and I.


Here I am with Good Day New York’s Rosanna Scotto!

Every morning we watch Good Day New York. So it was great to meet Rosanna – it is strange as you feel like you know them as you have breakfast with them every morning. Anyway – I am also her co-host Greg Kelly’s biggest fan… so I let her know! The next morning, she mentioned being the MC of the Benefit Dinner and well… the rest is viewable here….

(Start watching from 1.25 mark – the first part is Greg talking about installing his… printer! By the way – yes I am Jonelle)


Here I am with one of our Education Fellows, Sarah Miskin. Sarah is taking part in the APSA Congressional Fellowship Program and she is from the Parliamentary Library in Canberra. Woohoo to Parl Library gals! Anyway it was great chatting to her and she is taking part in an unbelievable program in Washington that is an amazing experience for her so well done Sarah!


Here I am with Corey and Dianna from Glee! Woohoo! They were very gracious and along with Amber, wowed the audience.


Here we are with… THORPEDO!!!!!! As you can tell from my hair and makeup, it was late but he was a) smaller than I thought he would be and b) SO SO SO NICE!!! He was a great dinner guest and was fantastic with the influx of people wanting to chat to him. Definitely a highlight!!!

The dinner went so well and you can read about it all in our Benefit Dinner wrap up.

Go team go!!!

Nov 17 2008

An amazing night aka I cannot believe this is my actual job…

The reason things have been a bit quiet on the blogging side of things is that work has been crazy. This is because on Wednesday night it was the Association’s biggest event for the year, the 2008 Benefit Dinner.

Now I have a fair bit to post about it but it is late here and I didn’t quite know where to start as there is so much to explain.

So instead –

Click here to see the Fox 5 New York report on the evening

New York Post report on the dinner

Here are some photos of the evening

This is the little wrap up I put up on the website

A few of my photos that I took

There were also some random mentions in The Australian as Wayne Swan attended.

I cannot believe that, as part of my job, I get to attend and help put together such events. I think I am still pinching myself. Saying that, on the night I was absolutely exhausted as the day was spent running from the office to the venue then back to work then to the hairdresser then back to the venue and then getting changed and working the registration desk.

Bill also got to come along for the evening and check out this gorgeous photo… awww!

American Australian Association Benefit Dinner 2008

Michael Johns (the Aussie who was awesome on American Idol) played a few songs.. and I got to get a photo with him afterwards.

American Australian Association Benefit Dinner 2008

The venue, Cipriani Wall Street, was absolutely stunning!

American Australian Association Benefit Dinner 2008

It was an fabulous evening – not only because it was great to get all dolled up and have a night out with some distinguished company, but I got to see first hand, the true extent of philanthropy here which is something that constantly amazes me.

It was also just as fabulous to see how a small team of people (my colleagues) are able to work towards organizing such a massive event every year that is such a success.

It was like nothing else I have experienced and really being thrown in to the job in such a way has been a fantastic way to get the hang of things and really learn what the Association is all about. All of this is happening while still getting used to the work practices in a different country and still understanding life without a reference desk. Yes… an absolutely typical Jenelle situation!