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Jun 29 2011

#blogjune – Day 29 – One Day in September


Off to watch the boys at training and I was so lucky – an old Comeng pulled in to Flinders Street! I love these old trains and there are only a few still running and just my luck… I had never been on one with the new seats!

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

Can you believe this many people turned up to see them run some laps and roll around on the ground?

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

The Parade. I have always been a ‘Top of Collins’ girl.. I think 99% of us Parl Library girls were. I could not believe how packed it was. Thousands and thousands of people. I have been to a lot of Grand Final parades as I would have a sticky beak even when the Pies weren’t in it. This was the biggest and craziest I have been to.

The MCC even relocated to Collins Street it seemed…

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

This is usually a tram stop!

2010 Grand Final

Morning of the game and hanging around, taking it in. Ahhh!

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

Shannyn, Nicole and I at the Cricketers beforehand. Keeping up with my pre-Grand Final Cricketers tradition… I was too nervous to enjoy it!

2010 Grand Final

View from my seat… nice!

2010 Grand Final

2010 Grand Final

Traci and I –

2010 Grand Final

Daniel, Brooke and I –

2010 Grand Final

Julee, Brooke and I –

2010 Grand Final

Sandra and I –

2010 Grand Final

Afterwards? Crying all the way home and then putting our Hachi DVD on without taking my facepaint off.

Jun 28 2011

#blogjune – Day 28 – Family Tree Madness

I am going mental over the Blevins family tree at the moment. I’ve been finding some fabulous stuff… it is all very exciting. So here are some of my favourite historic family photos from my Cleary/Telford family tree. I am obsessed with old photos – I love looking at them but sadly we didn’t have that many for this side of my family. I am hoping over the 4th of July weekend I can find some good ones from Bill’s side!

My beautiful Grandparents – Samyia/Telford –

Samyia/Telford wedding

Great-Great Grandparents – Horace Telford and Kathleen Sanders –

Horace Telford and Kathleen Sanders

Great-Great Grandmother, Johanna Schl̦gell (far right) РI think this is my all time favourite!

Johanna Cleary

Great-Great Grandfather, Allen Cleary – WW1 –

Allen Cleary

Card from Allen to Johanna from France, WW1 –

Allen Cleary

Jun 27 2011

#blogjune – Day 27 – Some of my favourite photos…

Vegemite & Me, 1979 –

I love Vegemite

Arc de Triomphe, 1999 –

I am such a tourist

Trevi Fountain, 1999 –

At the Trevi Fountain

Terps Vs Holy Cross, University of Maryland, College Park, 2008 –

Terp Girls!

Our Engagement Party in Melbourne, 2010 –

In the balloons!

Berlin Wall, 1999 –

Berlin Wall

Our wedding, 2010 –


Amarillo, Texas, 2002 –

Cadillac Ranch

Mum, dad and Matt, 2010 –

Mum, dad and Matt with the NYPD

Ed & Me at Victoria Park, 2003 –

Eddie McGuire & I

Jun 26 2011

#blogjune – Day 26 – Fireflies

On Thursday night as we were walking back from the subway I saw the most amazing sight – fireflies!

A few of the big homes on our block have lovely front gardens and the fireflies looked like little drops of amber flickering in the dark. They are really beautiful and it was so dark I could only see the little flickers of light – not the rest of the insect.

When we got to our building there were some also flying around out the front and our building lights allowed me to see what the fireflies really looked like – almost little flying beetles.

You can view a composite shot of fireflies here and a nice close up here.

Fireflies are a sign of Summer and it just began here last week – it is interesting how I have grown up knowing the first day of the season to be just a the first of a month whereas here, we being Summer officially on the day of the Summer solstice and this year it was exactly 5.16pm. Now… the countdown to Autumn begins and I cannot wait!

Jun 25 2011

#blogjune – Day 25 – Farnham Meme

I’m inventing this meme as an excuse to watch John Farnham clips.

I’m sharing my top 10 John Farnham songs (in no order) in honor of his latest comeback tour… I wish I was able to see him!! How good is his live?!

1. Love to Shine. I love this SO much. From Whispering Jack… just awesome.

2. Let me out. Also from Whispering Jack. I always listen to this loud… it rocks.

3. Playing to Win. From his LRB days – I listened to this EVERY DAY of September leading up to the Grand Final last year.

4. The Other Guy. Also from LRB. Because Shannyn and I loveeeee this song. She is the only other person I know who loves this too!

5. Two Strong Hearts. Just because it is so happy and I know all the dance moves!

6. Touch of Paradise. Romance!!!!

7. Chain Reaction. Because it is just one of those songs that you know all the words to without even listening to it!

8. You’re the voice. I have used this video because it gives me goosebumps!

9. Please don’t ask me. His voice is really beautiful in this.

10. Age of Reason. This is great live.

Jun 24 2011

#blogjune – Day 24 – Cars 2 3D

HAPPY FRIDAY! Woohoo indeed!

We raced out of work to make the 4.15 session of Cars 2 in 3D. I had not seen Cars itself and have never been to a 3D movie before, but I was trusting Bill’s judgement with his one and he was happy I had agreed to see a ‘Bill Movie’ with him so we decided to make a night of it. With popcorn in hand and with an audience full of kids we settled in for a great movie. It really was cute, so well done and a lot of fun! I did fall asleep for about five minutes during the Paris sequence but that is a normal Friday night occurrence for me so no surprises there.

I loved the 3D glasses!

Cars 2 3D

We then had a quick visit to Bed, Bath and Beyond as we needed a new food scale and in true BBB fashion we walked out of there with a bag full of stuff that was not on our list. That place is way too dangerous for me! By the way, we ended up with the Oxo Good Grips scale which was top of the list on America’s Test Kitchen so Bill was sold on that before we even went into the store.

We also ended up spoiling ourselves with another night eating out – two nights in a row is unheard of! This time we went to The Little Place in TriBeCa for some delicious Mexican food. The service was a bit average but we were happy with our nachos and my chicken burrito was really yummy!

The Little Place

Also, if you are interested in seeing how the new World Trade Center tower is going, here is a picture I took as I was going in to work. It is going up so quickly and I love the design of it. It has a long way to go… I can’t imagine it being even taller than it is now!

World Trade Center

Jun 23 2011

#blogjune – Day 23 – Feast of Corpus Christi

On Thursday night it was muggy and humid – it has been like that all week in the city. Foggy, stormy and sticky and by Thursday I was well and truly over it. We ended up heading to Holy Innocents Church on 38th Street for their Solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form and Procession. In Spain, Portugal and Latin America, this feast is actually a public holiday with celebrations so it was nice to celebrate it on the actual day.

This was the first time we had ever been to a Latin Mass and it was beautiful. The Mass included some amazing Gregorian Chants by the Holy Innocents Schola – they were absolutely perfect. After Mass, there was then a Procession through the streets surrounding the church.

For being stuck in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, the Church seems somewhat of a refuge for many. The downstairs hall has a thrift store and area for the homeless to just spend time, out of the elements and in safety. It is a lovely church inside. To give you an idea, here are some photos from this Picasa album of another Latin Mass at the church… so so beautiful!

Holy Innocents Holy Innocents Holy Innocents

Here is a photo Bill took of the Eucharistic Procession leaving the church –

Eucharistic Procession

After Mass we then headed around the corner to Arno Restaurant and I just realized the people that own this also own Delmonico’s, which really explains our experience. We had a great meal. The highlight was our appetizer. Everywhere we go we nearly always order a starter of Mozzarella sticks. They are one of my favourite junky foods that I have discovered while living here. They are little sticks of crumbed deep fried mozzarella with a yummy tomato dipping sauce. I could live on them! Anyway, we ordered them and our mains. Firstly they split our starter as they knew we were sharing – awww. Then the oh my gosh this could be the best thing I have ever eaten experience happened. This was a huge big slice of mozzarella that was beautifully coated and fried and was like nothing I have ever tasted. It was just perfect. My tortellini was so delicate and flavorful – it really was a great meal. The restaurant was a funny place – waiters in little bow ties and vests with weird/tacky pictures on the wall – but the food was really yummy!

Here is the Mozzarella dish… I want some more right now!

Arno Restaurant

Jun 22 2011

#blogjune – Day 22 – Who I know I am

My passion for genealogy started in 1991 when my cousin Grant and I spent a adrenaline fuelled day in the State Library of Victoria acting like crazies on a microfilm machine. This came to a head on Christmas Day in 2009 when I presented everyone with a 50 page book of the Cleary Family History. I am so proud of it.

I worked on it off and on over the years. In 2008 it got out of control and I spent many nights up until 4am trying to finish the project. It was so exciting that I literally could not sleep! Anyone doing genealogy will tell you – it is majorly addictive. With the Victorian Births Deaths and Marriages supplying so much information online it is way too easy to spend hundreds of dollars simply buying… certificates.

I found out more and more about my nana’s side which got me sidetracked and then I would pick up stuff on the Telford Family tree (my mum’s side) that I was also doing at the same time but have not yet put together in book form.

When I moved over here, the National Library of Australia digistized some major newspaper collections. This allowed me to find even more – so I picked it up again. Mainly working during my lunch hour at work, I slowly wrote the history as best that I could and I was so happy with the end result. I got it color printed and bound and it was the best Christmas present I could ever give!

Fast forward to now… I thought I was finished but using some new resources and with so many Irish records slowly being added to databases, it looks like the Cleary side is going to keep on going. The first Cleary in my tree, was always a dead end. Then at 1am on a random Saturday morning a few weeks ago I think I have found what may be his baptism record from Tipperary.

Saying that, since the Cleary one was ‘finished’ this meant moving back on to the Telford tree that Grant is also still working on. He has recently called upon the assitance of the genealogy office in Co. Cavan. When I visited there in 1999, they were unable to help me find any further information over the few days I was there… now with the amount of databases always growing, hopefully they can help unblock our dead end. The other complex part of the Telford research is this tree has a major branch of ancestors in Lebanon. Another challenge! Saying that, here has always been a lot more family information and photos on the Telford side than I got on the Cleary side which has made it easier.

Just to note, if I was just needing names to fill branches, the tree would not have taken this long to put together. In my research I like to find out what the person did, where they lived, what they were like, where they worked, what their house looked like, how they died, where they were buried. I want to find out about the person.. rather than just a name. Doing it this way and finding out as much as possible about them is what gets me hooked. For my great-grandfather, who was a Prisoner of War, this then led me down a path of researching his battallion, the others who were prisoners with him and amazingly, a copy of a diary that was kept by one of the other soldiers in his battalion that was handed over to the National Library. I also the the same with any ships that I come across that the person had been on – I end up researching the ship to find anything that I can. It goes on and on but is so exciting!

So here comes my rant. The show Who do you think you are? I find this show totally infuriating. A celebrity simply arrives at some office, talks to some people and in the space of an hour they have their whole family history done for them. They get certificates, meet people, everything just ‘pops up’ on the computer.. and it is all in a nice little package. I know what the show is trying to do but it is the one show that I wish I could love but I just can’t. This is only because they make the whole process just seem so easy and uncomplicated and this drives me crazy as it is anything but that. I can’t enjoy it because I know what it is really like. Saying that, Cousin Grant loves it. I guess for me, it is total jealousy that they can get all of that done so easily. It really isn’t fair… but then again I have been lucky. With all of the frustration that such a project brings, it has also bought me many hours of enjoyment.

So much so, I am now starting the Blevins Family History. Here we go!

Jun 21 2011

#blogjune – Day 21 – Subway posters

I love looking at the posters that line subway stations.

This is an example of a good subway poster… one promoting the Morgan Library and Museum, another one for an exhibition at the Whitney Museum and then a movie poster –

Subway Posters

But today… I got this –

Subway Posters

Scary clown faced man was looking straight at me. I do not know what this is for, or what the deal is and I seriously hope that these are not going to be everywhere over the city because clown faces like that truly make me shudder. I have decided I’ll close my eyes for the two steps I have to walk past this every day until it is gone. Sigh.

Jun 20 2011

#blogjune – Day 20 – Presto Pesto!

If you are like me and love pesto sauce but hate the too-much-oil guilt factor then you just have to try this recipe from Weight Watchers for their version of pesto. I actually enjoy it more then regular pesto. For some reason it is a lot easier to eat and is perfect on anything and everything.

Also, to be a bit more budget friendly, I use walnuts in place of pine nuts and it is just as good. I now make this in double batches.


2 tablespoon pine nuts
2 cups basil, leaves, fresh
1/2 cup reduced-sodium chicken broth
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 medium garlic clove(s), peeled
1/2 teaspoon table salt

Place pine nuts in a small skillet and set pan over medium heat. Cook until nuts are golden, shaking pan frequently to prevent burning, about 3 minutes. Transfer nuts to a plate to cool.

In a blender or food processor, combine nuts, basil, broth, cheese, oil, garlic and salt; process until smooth and thick.