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Jul 19 2012

AALL Boston – I am there! #aall12

I know it has been ages since my last update – I really have to get on to documenting the rest of Europe. This is even more of a priority since last week we booked to return to Rome in February next year. Oops! We couldn’t help ourselves. We love Rome so much – we are already counting down until we get there!

But in other news of a more library nature, a few months ago, I was awarded an LLAGNY Travel Grant to attend the AALL Annual Conference in Boston. Yes, I know… OHMYGOSH! I screamed when I got the email.. I am SO excited!

AALL Boston

This is my first big American conference. I have been to LegalTech twice but to me, that was almost more of a sales conference and it didn’t have a library focus. The AALL is HUGE and time has flown by so quickly, I cannot believe that we leave for Boston on Saturday!

You can see my conference schedule here. Hopefully the WiFi will be exceptional and I will have no trouble securing a powerpoint so I can live blog away.

No doubt I will be also thinking about all the amazing NLS conferences back in Australia and all the happy memories there. I hope that I manage to make some wonderful contacts… I was so lucky that my involvement in ALIA was the basis of so many friendships I still hold today.

AALL being in Boston is a big time bonus. I love Boston SO much. When I moved over here, I always envisaged that I would stay in New York for a year and then head to Boston. Well little did I know that Bill would make me an offer I could not refuse! 😉 Instead of organizing my things for the conference, I’ve been reminiscing about Boston memories. The first time I visited Faneuil Hall, eating clam chowder at Legal Seafoods, my first Nantucket Nectar, riding the T, the Freedom Trail, my first visit to Fenway, when I spent St Patrick’s Day 2006 at a Dropkick Murphys concert with Amy… I love it all!! I am really looking forward to being at such a great event in a great city! Now.. some flashbacks!

Here I am on my first visit to Boston in 1999 where I fell in love with all things Beantown!


Then again in 2002..


Then again in 2005..

Jenelle the Celtic

Then again in 2006.. where I spent time behind the scenes at the JFK Library and Museum and also the Harvard Law Library. It was an AMAZING visit!

JFK Library & Museum

Then again in 2009..



Then again in 2011.. this time in North Cambridge!

North Cambridge