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Feb 15 2013

Orvieto #happy365

Via Flickr:
How could you not be happy when this is your view?

(Well maybe the only thing that can make you unhappy is when you realize that there are people that actually live here and experience this beauty every single day.. gah!)

Orvieto is beautiful. We had such a wonderful and peaceful day. Ahh Italia!

Feb 14 2013

Piazza Navona at dusk #happy365

Via Flickr:
No filters or editing – this is exactly how dusk tonight looked at Piazza Navona.

It almost looks half black and white.

I was happy as it was time to head back – my legs were tired. We walked and walked and walked today. Rome makes me so happy and it also makes Bill happy. With that, what a romantic city to be in for Valentine’s Day. The only church we didn’t get to after hours of walking was Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin – where the skull of St Valentine is kept.

Feb 13 2013

Spending the day with Pope Benedict #happy365

Via Flickr:
What a day!

We left Domus at 7.30, we were in the line for the Papal Audience at 8.00. We were in the hall for the Audience at 8.30. Pope Benedict started his audience at 10:30. We left the hall at about 11:50. By 12.40pm we were back in another line. This time at St Peter’s, where we lined up for the Ash Wednesday Mass. We were at the front of the line. We stood there until 3.30. We were sitting in our seats in Basilica by 3.45. Mass started at 5.00. We waved goodbye to our darling Pope at 7:00. We were on the bus by 7:20.

As well as exhausted, we feel incredibly blessed beyond what any words can describe. I am so glad we got to experience this together and say goodbye to Papa Benedetto.

Feb 12 2013

We’re coming back… #happy365

Via Flickr:
Bill and I tried to do the goofiest expression today while throwing our coin into the Trevi Fountain.

This is the third time I have been to Rome and the third time I have tossed a coin into the fountain.

We have to come back. We love it too much here.

And yes… I’m holding onto my purse because I’m loopy about the pickpocket stories that you hear about happening to tourists in that area.

Feb 11 2013

Pope Pius IX at Santa Maria Maggiore #happy365

Via Flickr:
I don’t know if today can really be a ‘happy365’ day. It has certainly been an interesting one that is for sure.

I previously posted my thoughts this morning just after the news of the resignation of our Holy Father broke. I still feel much the same.

We headed out to three churches and visited Maria Maggiore last. We headed down to the pray at the Crypt of the Nativity and in the crypt is this stunning statue of Pope Pius IX. It seemed fitting to post – the longest serving Pope kneeling in prayer.

Feb 10 2013

Beautiful Rome! #happy365

Via Flickr:
Things are quiet in Rome on a Sunday.

After Mass and a lovely breakfast we chilled out in a room for a bit and then headed out. Even the churches are closed in the afternoon so we jumped on a bus to see where we would go. After going through the outer ‘suburbs’ of Rome, we got to the last stop on the bus.

This was our adventure. To a car park and in the middle of a building site… beautiful Rome!

Feb 10 2013

Santa Susanna #happy365

Via Flickr:
Our first full day in Rome and we had a HUGE day where we walked our little feet off!

This is the Santa Susanna church which is essentially the American church in Rome. They have English Masses here and if you look very closely beyond the altar, you will see the American flag.

It is absolutely beautiful!

Feb 08 2013

Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano #happy365

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What a crazy 24 hours!

Our flight was awesome – Alitalia were fabulous! We landed 5 minutes ahead of schedule at 7.55am. We were in a taxi by 8.35 and even with peak hour traffic, we were checking in to Domus by 9.15. We felt so fortunate – they had our room ready!

Spending 10 nights here is exciting as we were able to fully unpack. So we did that and then made a quick call to mum to tell her we are here safe and sound and after some nice hot showers, we hopped into bed at 10.30am for a nap. By 2pm we were out and about. We only had two things to do today – pick up our weekly biglietti for the metro and buses and go and visit St John Lateren to pick up our Year of Faith Pilgrim Kits and grab some pizza. St John Lateren is such a beautiful church and this is the Pope’s church! If you are in Rome, you definitely have to visit it. We didn’t mind heading back there again! After we got our two tasks done, we spent an hour sitting on bus 16 going from one end of the line to the other and back again – always the best and most relaxing way to see any city when you are tired!

Our only must do tonight is to stay awake until 9pm.

Happy Blizzard Day and Night to all of those in New England. Yes… I’m tracking the storm from here. I can’t help it!