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Feb 05 2013

A real snowflake! #happy365

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We had some light fluffy snow this morning and I was out enjoying it while I waited for the bus.

I looked down at my mitten and saw a perfect snowflake. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’ve never been able to really experience ‘pretty snow’ since I’ve been here. We’ve had the wet freezing rain, blizzard conditions, sleet and the big cotton ball snow… but this morning it was just perfect and enough of a coating to make everything look pretty.

Jan 31 2013

30 Rock #happy365

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Crazy day today!

I had to be in Midtown for the Legal Tech conference and that is always a huge deal because I am let out of my comfort zone in the Financial District. Midtown is exhausting!

I grabbed lunch at the Rockefeller Center. This was perfect as tonight is the final episode of 30 Rock and this was about the highlight of my day.

The conference was super busy, I also had an early morning trip to the DMV (ugh!) and then a late afternoon trip to the dentist (double ugh!) and THEN to cap it off, we were overdue for a good confession and wanted to go before we leave for Rome next week. Gah!

Onwards and upwards for tomorrow!

Jan 30 2013

Morning Fog #happy365

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I am loving the all the fog we have had here recently! I took this as I was walking to the bus stop this morning – it was pretty much this grey and gloomy all day. My happy weather!

Jan 29 2013

Secret library tips acknowledged #happy365

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I got home from work tonight and opened the laptop to check Twitter.

Jane Kennedy had tweeted her dismay at having to contact 5 boxes of school books.

Covering books is one of my favorite activities of all time. Mum never had to do mine after about grade four… and I would do my all of my brother’s books too!

I responded to Jane with my contacting secret – @jenelle: Use a ruler & tissue to press the contact down and bubbles out. For stubborn bubbles – pin prick! #tipsfromalibrarian

Then I got awarded an OBE…!

The funny thing is, at the time I was watching the Brady Bunch (LOVE IT!) and Mr Brady had just stepped into the library. I’ve recorded the clip to post later. The library was so cute in the episode.

Hooray for contact and best of luck to all of those who have spent the past few days covering school books!

Jan 28 2013

Tabouli #happy365

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Made some tabouli to go with our fish for dinner tonght. Not exactly winter food, but I love tabouli so much that the minute parsley is on sale, I have to make it!