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Jan 26 2013

Australia Day in Brooklyn #happy365

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Running errands after the tiny bit of snow last night and the most Australian thing I did all day was eat some Vegemite out of the jar.

Chores are all done and we are ready for a relaxing Sunday. That makes me very happy!

Jan 25 2013

Steamy #happy365

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In the every day scheme of things, no matter where you are in the world, life can get mundane and predictable.

For me, many days end up being something like this –

Get up, go to work, go home, cook dinner, go to sleep…. with lots of Bill hugs in between!

This happens no matter where you are in the world.

Then I see this. Steam pouring out of the grate in the street and I remember where I am.

With that, even the mundane things like walking from the subway to work seem a little more exciting.

Jan 24 2013

Welcome Back Greg! #happy365

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Ever since I moved here in 2008, my morning show of choice has been Good Day New York. I even scored an on-air mention in 2009!

Yep – I was a fan of Greg Kelly before he became a hit on The Soup! I just always loved the chemistry between himself and Rosanna.

Last year, Greg left GDNY to be the anchor on the 6pm and 10pm news and mornings just have not been the same.

This afternoon, it was announced that Greg was coming back to GDNY – starting tomorrow! My mornings will now feel normal again!

Welcome Back Greg!

Jan 23 2013

I am smiling under there… #happy365

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It is cold this morning. Can you tell?

Walking to work in 11f/real feel 1f or -12c/real feel -17c was an adventure. I have to say I was toasty warm – except for my legs. Frozen and red.

Winter still makes me happier than summer though!

Jan 22 2013

All Clear Desktop #happy365

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It is so cold here tonight.. we are all cozy so that makes me happy as well as… a clear desktop.

As well as Inbox Zero, I need a clear desktop. To start each day with desktop clutter is just a no-no for me. Clear desktop = one less thing to think about.

Jan 21 2013

Golden Syrup Dumplings #happy365

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Eeek I feel like this is becoming all about food!

We’ve had a fabulous jammie day today watching the inauguration festivities in Washington DC. It is also five years since we met at Grand Central Station!

I decided to whip up a batch of golden syrup dumplings this afternoon – here they are on Bill’s lap while he gets to learn about all things Mac on his new MacBook!

It isn’t the prettiest dish but they are so fluffy and sweet it doesn’t matter!

Jan 20 2013

Curried Egg sandwiches! #happy365

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Last night as Bill was sorting our herbs and spices, I picked up the one of three tins of Keen’s curry powder. Smelling it, my first reaction was "I NEED MUM’S CURRIED EGG SANDWICHES!"

This morning before Mass, Bill was boiling eggs. He decided our lunch when we got home would be curried egg sandwiches. Awww!

He baked his usual three loaf batch of bread – we give one to our neighbor, one into the freezer and one to use.

Then we were able to have our sandwiches with the bread still warm. Best lunch ever… and even though she is over 10,000 miles away they are still mum’s sandwiches as her curried egg mix is still the best!

Jan 19 2013

Ready to jump in! #happy365

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We’ve had a big day of computer installing/reformatting/data transferring as well as a being in the middle of a deep winter clean of the apartment.

So now a cozy bed is very inviting tonight. Sweet dreams!

Jan 18 2013

Chocolate Milk #happy365

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I love chocolate milk!

In the dining room at work they sell these gorgeous little half pints of milk and they are perfect to have with lunch.

It is no Big M but it is close enough!