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Jan 17 2013

New Baby! #happy365

Via Flickr:
My MacBook Pro is only 18 months old.

Bill’s old HP laptop is about to die. Problem is that he only wanted a Mac to replace it even though he is not a heavy user and nothing to the level of how I use mine. Solution? He takes my mint condition Mac to play on and get used to the OS and I get a new Mac.

He left work at 5, was in Soho by 5.30 and was home by 6.20 with the new baby in hand. Now for the hours of fun transferring data over all of these computers and getting everything nice and Jenellified!

Jan 13 2013

Strawberry Choc Milkshake from Mega Bites #happy365

Via Flickr:
Bill made a lovely turkey breast for dinner tonight. We eat dinner really early on Sunday night and tonight was no exception – we were all done by 5pm!

Bill turned and said "What can we have for dessert?" I told him that I’d do anything for a Mega Bites milkshake. Mega Bites is our local diner – we hang out there once (or twice!) a week and we love it!

Anyway, fast forward 20 minutes and there is a knock at the door. A milkshake for me and a small sundae for Bill. If you want something here and you don’t want to leave the couch – you can get anything delivered. Now that is enough to make anyone happy! Happy Sunday!

Jan 11 2013

Best Commute Ever! #happy365

Via Flickr:
Normally, by the time my morning bus gets to my stop there are literally people hanging out the doors. Frequently, they come in packs of three and sometimes I have to wait for two or three to go past until I can hop on board.

This morning something very strange happened and all ten of us at the bus stop were all looking at each other as if to say "Is this a joke?"

A Limited bus appeared out of nowhere. It pulled up at the stop and it was empty. We were so excited when we piled on that I even thanked the driver for our late Christmas present from the MTA. At the next stop, everyone alighted except me. For the next five minutes it was just me and the driver on this huge NYC bus. The most peaceful, comfortable and stress free commute I’ve ever had.

Jan 10 2013

Hot Pretzels #happy365

Via Flickr:
I wish I could invent smellr to work with Flickr so you could enjoy one of the best aromas around – hot pretzels from the one of hundreds of carts around the city! I deliberately walk past this cart every day to catch a whiff of pure deliciousness.

Jan 09 2013

Downtown at 7.30am #happy365

Via Flickr:
It feels like buildings look different every day here. The light, the weather, construction – it is always changing. With this view, I loved the mix of old and new. I never get bored with the NY skyline – here is a tiny sliver of it.

Jan 08 2013

Aunty Mary Cups #happy365

Via Flickr:
Remember these? I was so excited when my anodized aluminum arrived in the mail today! I have wanted them for years and when I saw them on Amazon last week, I pounced!

I will always think of these as ‘Aunty Mary Cups’ even though we always had them at home too. When we would go up to the north coast of New South Wales for holidays we would stay with Aunty Mary and Uncle Bruce. She had these cups and our drinks would stay cold forever and I loved the vivid colors! I can look at these and be automatically transplanted to South West Rocks. They make me so happy!