Jun 29 2010

Going out with a #blogeverydayofjune bang

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One thing I really miss about being here in New York is not listening to Love Song Dedications EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Before I left, I prepared for this by creating a Love Song Dedications playlist and I listen to it all the time. I will share that special list in due time! 😉

The hero of Love Song Dedications isn’t Richard Mercer. It is Peter Cetera. As we end the #blogeverydayofjune fun, it is time for some Cetera and montages of various blog posts, memes and group hugs. This has been awesome fun and I have REALLY enjoyed reading so many different blogs and getting to know the people I knew before a little better and getting a great insight into those I have never met before. Thanks SO much! 🙂

(While I am not a diehard Cetera/Chicago fan, I do play all of these songs way too much and admit it… you know the words to them even if you don’t have them on your iPod!)

Glory of Love –

Hard habit to break –

Hard to say I’m sorry –

If you leave me now –

You’re the Inspiration – (worth it for the filmclip this guy made..)