Feb 13 2012

Jordis is BACK!

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Oh my gosh I just nearly fell of the couch!

Tonight, I have just been sitting here watching The Voice before bedtime. Mainly because I am Team Adam Levine and Bill couldn’t be bothered changing the channel. There was a teaser for after the break when I saw a girl who would be auditioning next. I screaming “OH MY GOSH BILL THAT IS JORDIS!!!” This is where we also cue the “Jenelle is going cuckoo” look from Bill.

Jordis Unga was one of the competitors on Rockstar INXS. She was absolutely AMAZING. We loved her, but as the performances got more cut throat Jordis was unable to keep up with the likes of JD Fortune and Mig Ayesa – not shabby competition!!

It was fantastic to see her back and she performed wonderfully tonight. I really hope she goes far – her voice is so strong. She is a rarity when you see the same ol’ thing on all of these shows.

This explains it all –

Watch Jordis rock –

I’ll be cheering her on all season… Blake Shelton has a star!