Feb 27 2012

Happy New Year!

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Going through my photos, I found one of how we spent New Years Eve this year.

I had a marathon phone chat with mum, Bill relaxed infront of the TV and the people down the hall had their “Let’s turn our apartment building into a nightclub” party. They only play music once a year and that is on New Years Eve. They have serious stereo equipment and they manage to make this place really sound like a club! There were some other apartment buildings around us had fireworks going off their rooftops, there were sirens and some woot woots but otherwise, it was pretty quiet.

Mum and I both had the TV on Fox News as that is the one channel that we both get and can be watching at the same time. I sent in a text message to go along the ticker and I was hoping that they would see the Happy New Year message. Unfortunately, it didn’t get on, but there was one that was kind of close –

New Years Eve

It always gives me goosebumps knowing that this is happening just a few kilometres away… when they start playing New York, New York I nearly lose it!

So that was New Years Eve and it was kind of perfect!