Mar 11 2012

Operation Bruce

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There was one thing I wanted to make sure of when I moved here, and that was to make sure I took advantage of the concerts that come to New York that I missed seeing in Australia. One thing stood in my way, tickets here are very hard to get. It seems everyone wants to see their favorite performer in NYC so getting tickets can end up being a very expensive experience!

When I saw that Bruce Springsteen was touring here I made sure that was one concert I wanted to see. Just imagine – the Boss at Madison Square Garden. YES!

I actually survived the Ticketmaster Meltdown of 2012 and somehow, ended up with tickets on the floor to his show. It was so much of a story, they actually had a segment on the evening news about it. Thousands of fans missed out and we got two tickets.

When I jumped on Stub Hub after the sale that sold out in seconds, I was shocked to find tickets in our area selling for thousands. I flirted with the idea of selling them… but I have been in that position before where I really really wanted to see someone and missed out on tickets as I couldn’t afford the scalpers rate. But on the otherhand I was thinking “Oh… just IMAGINE what we could do with the money!” Scalping is not illegal here, if you have a ticket you can sell it. It was so tempting.

BUT we stuck with our tickets. As Bill and I discussed it – we’re not huge Bruce fans but it will be GREAT to see him. I love his old stuff and I am hoping he will play some of that but also, his new album Wrecking Ball is getting great reviews. So I think we’ll be in for a good night.

Just check out this photo from his special SiriusXM show from the Apollo Theatre the other night… The Boss still has it going on that is for sure!

Bring on Bruce!