Mar 24 2012

Friday night in Brooklyn

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Bill had I have been under the weather all week with a bug, but by the time it got to Friday I was seriously craving Fish and Chips. While we have been abstaining from meat, we have still been having fish on Friday.

So with that, we made a night of it and checked out ChipShop on Atlantic Avenue. It wasn’t bad at all and being there certainly got us excited for our upcoming trip to London! My only complaint is a) it still didn’t satisfy my need for Aussie Fish and Chips… but saying that even actual Fish and Chips in England is nothing like Australian style and b) it was just a little too greasy.

We were surrounded by the Union Jack –


Our Fish and Chips –


We then had a walk around the neighbourhood and through Cobble Hill and then back down to Bergen Street to get the train just a couple of stops home – it is so awesome how each neighbourhood is just so different but we still love ours!