Mar 28 2012


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When we first moved to Brooklyn, we spent time making some big purchases. One thing that I wanted was a good set of Fiesta Ware. These dishes are amazing – strong and classic and even better, they are Made in the USA.

Fiesta Ware are known for their bright colors but I prefer white dishes so I went with those. We got a full set and put them to use immediately.

Since then, we have slowly added to our collection and Bill recently got me the Fiesta Salt and Pepper shakers for my birthday.

On the most recent Sunday morning program on CBS, they did a feature on Fiesta Ware that I had to share –

Here is the story.

I cannot picture myself using any other china again. We had some Fishs Eddy plates before we got the Fiesta sets an even those only get random use now. Seriously, it has been one of the best purchases we have ever made! You can check out a lot of the collection at Macy’s. It is just awesome!