Apr 01 2012

Footy is back… aka life is back to normal!

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Friday morning began at 4.20am when my eyes instantly shot open without the alarm clock. My body clock already knew that I had to be awake at 4.30 to watch the Pies Vs Hawthorn but as I didn’t get to bed until late, I decided to go back to sleep for a bit. Bill put on the radio broadcast so I was able to listen to it while being semi-asleep. At about 6am we got up and sat in the dark and started watching the game on TV – we also had it recording too so we didn’t miss any highlights!

Watching the game

It is so awesome watching the game live in HD – just wish we could do without Bruce McAvaney and every single other commentator. I loved seeing Bucks in coach mode – he looked like he could still get out there and play.

At the same time I was partaking in a footy fuelled group iMessage conversation with mum and Ev. This is all while getting ready for work. As the game slipped away, we decided to slip out the front door and head to work while listening to the rest of the game on our iPhones.

I wanted to share with mum and Ev how gorgeous the morning was. Here is our view crossing the street –

Walking to the bus

The best thing? I’ve been able to bear the early morning chill without my huge coat! This was my photo to mum and Ev to prove that I was NOT sulking over the loss.

Friday morning at the bus stop