Apr 19 2012

Dick Clark

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I always remember randomly reading about Dick Clark when I was younger and not knowing much about him. When I moved over here and saw parts of Rockin’ New Years Eve I couldn’t understand how he was still hosting it with his difficulties since having a stroke. I am so glad I watched some his broadcast this past New Years Eve. What an amazing spirit!

I remember first hearing the term ‘Bandstand’ by watching Grease – of course with that, I thought Vince Fontaine hosted Bandstand… not Dick Clark! To know of the influence he has had on so many people over his career is truly remarkable. For me though, the main ‘American voice’ I remember listening to growing up was Casey Kasem and Shadoe Stevens when I would listen to American Top 40 every Sunday night. I would just wait on edge for them to say “Broadcast in Australia on Fox FM…” I only wish we got to experience Bandstand as well!

Anyway, here are some random clips from Bandstand.. they should bring it back! What a great contribution to American entertainment.

Dick Clark interviewing the Little River Band!

The Mamas and the Papas –

Can you believe it? Real Life was on Bandstand!