Jun 07 2012

Bill’s Crumpets #blogjune

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By now you all know how much home baking we do – as much as possible in our little apartment kitchen! We haven’t bought store bread since February and with that, a few weeks ago Bill set about to make our own homemade crumpets! Crumpets are hard to come by here. When we lived in Chelsea, the local Garden of Eden would sometimes have them in stock and otherwise you can get them in some speciality grocery stores. Now that we know how easy they are to make, we will stick with the Bill recipe.

Here they are being cooked – Bill used special English Muffin rings to keep their shape.

Bill's Crumpets

And here they are nearly finished… with a bad photo.

Bill's Crumpets

I thought I took a photo of the end ‘end’ result but I must have forgotten.. but trust me.. they were beautiful!!

We made a stack and froze them in a large ziplock bag. Bill cuts squares of parchment paper so they don’t stick together in the freezer. They defrosted and toasted perfectly!

Now that we’ve had home made crumpets, I am converted! If you are a fan, you should definitely try making your own!