Jun 20 2012

Roma – Venezia #blogjune

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We got to Termini time for our train to Venice on the Frecciargento train. Train travel is just awesome in Europe and makes everything so easy.

It was such a fast AND smooth trip. I slept for a couple of hours! One highlight was the little refreshments cart that came down the train aisle. It had a built in espresso machine! So Bill got a coffee and we shared a packet of Italian cookies and watched the Italian countryside roll by.

Train to Venice

The trains were very modern and clean. This is what the seats looked like in our carriage –


Train to Venice

They go so fast and yet, hardly any bumps. My ears regularly popped when we were going through the mountains – it is a great way to travel!


We arrived at the Venice – Santa Lucia station and took our time walking to the vaporetto. We picked up a Venice pass which enabled us to have unlimited vaporetto trips for our whole stay there. This was great just for convenience – we never had to worry about buying tickets.

Our accomodation was near the Accademmia vaporetto stop so we got to cruise down the Grand Canal and see Venice in all its glory. I got chatting to a girl from Australia who was originally from Bathurst and was studying in Florence. Her boyfriend had just flown from Bathurst to meet her – he had never been overseas before and you could tell he was slightly overwhelmed by everything!

Even with our suitcases, the vaporetto was an easy trip and we were lucky that from the Accademia stop to our accomodation we didn’t have to go over any bridges – a straight run!

Imagine getting off a train, hopping on a vaporetto and this is your view?

It was great to be back in Venice!