Looking back on 2013…

In February 2014, I wrote this and never published it. It was summing up 2013.

I really don’t know what to say about the past 12 months or so months.

A few months ago I was all very much “2013 was the worst year of my life…” but not long after the new year, Bill and I were talking. There were some sad parts, yes. We could sit and wallow in the heartache of 2013 for the rest of our lives. But really, when I thought about it, 2013 was an amazing year.

It was unfathomable that we would have to say hello and goodbye to Josephine on the same day. Our little bundle soft skin and big feet and hands. But we got to meet her, cuddle her and kiss her. We MADE her. That is more than some people ever get. I recovered from labor amazingly well, everything in that way went perfect when so many other things could have gone wrong as well.

Aunty Shirl passed away. Sad? Yes, of course. BUT – she lived nearly 90 years… and mum and dad were with her when she passed away. That is all many of us wish for… to live until a wonderful old age and then, pass away peacefully, surrounded by love. Aunty Shirl fulfilled both of those.

I left a job which meant giving up lunch with Bill everyday and some wonderful colleagues but then.. I stumbled across across another job that has been an amazing challenge and has opened up so many doors for me. Dealing with change in an already crazy time is not easy but, I got through it and I was able to stay focussed and get stuff done. It was a blessing that I don’t think I realized at the time.

Bill had some ongoing health issues and after much going back and forth, hospitalizations and the like, through trial and error we found out the cause. Which is amazing in itself… Truvia the sweetener was causing all of it!!! GAHHHH!!!

Pope Benedict resigned. It broke my heart and I was despondent but wow… we were in our favorite place on earth when it happened AND we got to be one of the very few to say goodbye to him at his last ever public mass. He got to hear our claps of appreciation and we got to say ‘Thank You’.

I also had the stress of dealing with the citizenship process all while dealing with our Josephine diagnosis and at the end, I came out an American Citizen.

In between all the tears, I also got to take a trip back to Australia and had a month of mum and dad visiting New York. Also, Camille, Michael and Eveleigh visited New York to catch up with everyone and then we also had great visits from Harlan in July and Evan in November.

So, all in all – life really was pretty amazing in 2013. It was a life changing year that we couldn’t understand at the time but wow – looking back… we really did live it. It had all of the ingredients that many families may not have to deal with in a lifetime and that many have to deal with AND more. Just the fact that we came out at the end – standing tall, our marriage and faith stronger than ever, makes me feel like high-fiving Bill every night.