May 12 2013

What I Wore Sunday – Volume 3

We went to the 10.30am Mass today – so I was able to stay up and watch SNL last night! Yep… we are really living it up in the city! After the massive thunderstorm yesterday, the air was fresh and everything felt so clean this morning! Here is what I wore –

What I Wore Sunday - Volume 3

Cardigan – Talbots
Shell – The Gap
Skirt – The Innovare label… I bought this at Myer about ten years ago!
Shoes – Naturalizer Mary Jane’s… yes still the same ones!
Earrings – These are green baubles that I bought from The Ark when Nadine and I were shopping on Maling Road… probably about ten years ago as well!
Bracelet – Swarovski Pearl Rosary Bracelet in Gold and White made by Pam at ChapletsNSuch on Etsy.
Purse – Ralph Lauren ‘Lauren’ Newbury Crossbody Purse in Tan – you can see a close up picture of it here.

Mass was absolutely fabulous today. After communion we all sung ‘O Sanctissima’ while our beautiful statue of Mary was crowned with roses. Then, every lady at Mass got a rose and Father Joe read out a prayer that you could tell, resonated with every single person there. There were many tears!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Roses for Mother's Day

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May 05 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 2

Today, I was helping out at the 8.30am Mass so no sleeping in today! I love the 8:30 Mass at our beautiful church because the morning sun is amazing through all of our stained glass windows at that time. Today was special as not only it a day for First Holy Communions, but we got to hear our church bells ring for the first time in a couple of years. With the perfect weather, blossom everywhere – it really was a magical morning. So here is what I wore –

What I Wore Sunday - Volume 2

Cardigan – LL Bean
Pants – LL Bean (these are the amazing Perfect Fit Pants in the boot cut style – BEST PANTS EVER!)
Shoes – Naturalizer Mary Jane’s that I stilthink I will wear forever!
Bracelet – Swarovski Pearl Rosary Bracelet in Gold and White made by Pam at ChapletsNSuch on Etsy.
Purse – Ralph Lauren ‘Lauren’ Newbury Crossbody Purse in Tan – you can see a close up picture of it here.

We had a super late night last night, so I went for something that allowed me to get dressed quickly this morning. I use this purse as my ‘Mass Purse’ because it fits everything in it perfectly, without taking my tote bag along. You can see it a little bit more clearly here –

What I Wore Sunday - Volume 2

My pearl bracelet that I got from Pam at ChapletsNSuch is just beautiful – I have not stopped wearing it since I purchased it a few months ago. This is how it looks close up –

Bracelet from ChapletsNSuch

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Sorry there was no What I Wore for last week. We were at Diocesan training all Saturday and was able to make it to the Vigil Mass. We were in such a hurry that we forgot to take photos!

Apr 21 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Volume 1

Firstly, I know it has been ages since I’ve blogged! Between getting back from Rome and mum and dad visiting for a month, blogging took a back seat. We are getting back to normal so we’ll see how this goes!

This is my first What I Wore Sunday. I love this idea so I thought this would be a perfect way to get back into the swing of things.

What I Wore Sunday - Volume 1

I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago. I just went with how it looked this morning when I should’ve maybe done a half up/half down as it was just flat! I was helping out at the 10:30 Mass and left it a little late to get ready this morning.

I tried to embrace Spring with my new cardigan… here are the details!

Cardigan – Talbots
Skirt – Talbots
Shoes – Naturalizer Mary Janes (Ohmygosh these could quite simply be my most favourite shoes of all time… I picked them up last weekend. They were on sale for $60 and then because the store was closing I got 50% off. They are gorgeous… in my favourite Mary Jane style and don’t make me feel like I am towering over people or clomping in the church!)

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Mar 05 2013

Retweet before the storm #happy365

Via Flickr:
So all I knew at this point was Geoff Shaw was resigning from the Liberal Party.

Little did I know what would happen overnight NY time. The reason for this being a happy365? That because of technology I can sit over here and follow my political news just as I would be if I was sitting at Parliament. If only all my former colleagues were here as well. I loved knowing exactly what would be happening in the library as the drama unfolded! 😉

Mar 02 2013

My brave husband #happy365

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One big load of happy happy happy happy – Bill is going to be ok. His heart went into atrial flutter tonight and we rushed uptown to New York Presbyterian. Every time I have been with him for any hospital visit he is nothing short of amazing. His patience and demeanor while getting poked, prodded, questioned and worked on is amazing. The perfect patient… and husband!