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Jun 19 2011

#blogjune – Day 19 – Long Beach

As it wasn’t humid today, but still nice and warm we decided to get on the Long Island Railroad and head out to Long Beach, Long Island.

The LIRR leaves from Atlantic Terminal – just a 15 minute walk from our place so we got up, got ready and headed out early. It is such a bargain.. for $21 you get return train ticket and your beach access ticket. Yes, to access this beach you have to pay. BUT – it is worth it as it is not super packed and very clean with a well maintained boardwalk. Also, it is minus the the crazies from Coney Island. Bonus!

Here I am on the train… the LIRR trains are gorgeous. Perfect AC and nice and roomy!

Long Beach, Long Island

We had to transfer at Jamaica station… a decent amount of people were on the way to the beach too!

Long Beach, Long Island

Here is the Long Beach station. It is right on the main road and the beach is a short five minute walk from the station. Perfect location!

Long Beach, Long Island

The streets reminded me of LA. They were tree lined with concrete roads and with the sea breeze it felt like a little bit of Cali in NY!

Long Beach, Long Island

From the boardwalk it felt like I was sitting out the front of Kelly and Donna’s Beach house in 90210. People playing volleyball, playing frisbee, throwing the football and in the distance someone was flying a kite. A great idea that I saw was the lifesavers actually have markers for their ’emergency lane’. As the beach is so long, people are not allowed to set up their chairs and towels anywhere on this strip of sand. So when there is an emergency, they can get in their buggy and be clear of people. Clever! The emergency lane is in between those two sticks in the sand –

Long Beach, Long Island

Long Beach, Long Island

Long Beach, Long Island

As you can see, the beach is niceeeee! We didn’t bring our bathers or anything today as we didn’t know what to expect. On the next warm weekend we are packing a picnic, getting an early train, hiring our chairs and umbrella and having a full day there. We cannot wait – the water was so inviting!!

Jun 18 2011

#blogjune – Day 18 – AC/DC in ’09

Summer over here means a wicked concert schedule. From festivals to outdoor concerts there are always great concerts to experience. I realized I never blogged about our awesome night at AC/DC in 2009 at the Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey. It was an epic night! We got tickets up the top of the grandstand for about $40 – it was probably the best $40 I have ever spent!

It was strange because the new stadium was nearly completed and the old one was still fully functional. We settled into our seats and had the most rocking night. It was funny to hear Americans all shouting “OI! OI! OI! OI!” but boy, they love AC/DC here.

There is also a family history element to seeing AC/DC. When mum and dad were dating, they would see them play ‘Rock a the Croc’ in Thornbury with Bon Scott (can you just imagine it?!) and fast forward to 2009 and we were there seeing them play at a huge stadium in front of 60,000 people.

Here are some photos… if they ever come back we’ll definitely be there again!

It was absolutely chockers –

AC/DC - 2009

The train crashing through the stage was amazing –

AC/DC - 2009

Dodgy old falling apart Blackberry photo of us with the stage behind us –

AC/DC - 2009

Angus kinda-right-in-front-of-us –

AC/DC - 2009

The gorgeous sunset reminded me of the movie The Boy Who Could Fly

AC/DC - 2009

Jun 17 2011

#blogjune – Day 17 – B. Cafe West

Before we headed to the Sunburnt Calf for the Camille & Michael’s going away party, we dropped into B. Cafe West for some dinner.

It is just next to the Mermaid Inn and we intended to go there for dinner, but thought we’d give B Cafe a try – it wasn’t too bad!

We shared a starter of Belgian Mini Cheese Croquettes Рoh dear Рthese were delicious. It was basically deep fried Gruy̬re cheese.

B. Cafe West

Like my nail polish? So do I! It is Essie Hot Coco from the Winter 2010 collection.

For the main, I got the duck breast sandwich which included beautifully roasted duck breast, egg and bacon with more um… Gruyère. I loveeee Gruyère!!

B. Cafe West

Bill got their speciality Moules Frites which came out in a lovely little bucket that he was able to eat the mussels straight out of.

B. Cafe West

Service wise it was a bit underwhelming but it was nice to try a new place and anywhere that serves that much Gruyère in their dishes gets extra brownie points from me!

Jun 16 2011

#blogjune – Day 16 – Bye Cam!

When you move overseas on your own, a strange thing happens when it seems your friends end up feeling like your family. One of the first friends I made when I moved here was Camille and it was super fun as we worked together. I’ll never forget my first day and I was waiting for the office to open. We had just been hit by a massive rainstorm and even though I had my umbrella, I still ended up soggy. James arrived, he had forgotten his keys so we had to wait for Camille to get there. She arrived – soaked through as she had no umbrella!

From that point on, we became great friends. She shared my love of chicken schnitzel (or chicken snitty as they call them on the South coast) and beetroot rolls and we’d all chat for ages about everything from celebrity gossip to our latest Sephora orders. I remember Camille coming into my office to tell me in the corner that she was expecting Eveleigh (I had got a hunch earlier on…!) and the girl can cook AND cross stitch! She makes the best lamingtons, pavlova and cakes around. Raising a newborn in the city is not an easy feat and yet she and Michael are absolute naturals when it comes to being parents – Camille is so relaxed and chill and it reflects in Eveleigh so much!

In our short time all together we have had galas, benefit dinners, Kylie concerts, baby showers, bridal showers and lived through all of our travel adventures. So, this chapter now closes as we just had Camille, Michael and Eveleigh’s going away party at the Sunburnt Calf on the Upper West Side. I still cannot believe they are going back to Sydney!

Here are some photos from the party –

Deb, Katie, Camille and I –

Bye Camille!

Dan, Eveleigh, Fran, Deb, Bill and I –

Bye Camille!

And some memories –

Baby shower time –

Bye Camille!

Gala time –

Bye Camille!

Kylie concert –

Bye Camille!

Bridal shower time –

Bye Camille!

We’re going to miss them so much…. but we cannot wait to hear about all of their adventures back in Oz!

Jun 15 2011

#blogjune – Day 15 – Album Art

I love iTunes and downloading songs and all but as a recovering CD buying addict (I would basically live at JB/Sanity/HMV) one thing that I miss is being able to really enjoy album artwork. I guess that really being able to appreciate album artwork also died a little bit when CDs took over. The size of albums meant you could really appreciate a good cover or just shake your head at a bad one.

I remember dad’s awesome collection of records and some of the covers were mesmerizing. So here it is – my own top 10 album covers in no particular order. Leave a comment and share your own. I find that just looking at album art brings back so many memories of different experiences in life – it really is fun.

1. Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti – I think one of my first memories was being basically hypnotized by dad’s copy of Physical Graffiti. I still love it and I just found out that those buildings are right here in New York! I am going to go there ASAP and take photos. Stay tuned!

Led Zeppelin

2. Simply Red – 25 Greatest Hits – There are two kinds of girls – those who love Mick Hucknall and those that don’t. I fall into the first category and wow oh wow – I think he is gorgeous on this cover. I love the whole thing.

Simply Red

3. Hunters and Collectors – Fate – Six words. Mark Seymour and a Chesty Bonds.

Hunters & Collectors

5. Carole King – Tapestry – Because whenever I would see this I would think that life in New York was this – fluffy jumpers, a purring cat, blinds open and sitting on a window bench of a beautiful old apartment in the Village.

Carole King

5. ELO – Eldorado – Because this really scared me when I was younger. The whole Wicked Witch/Ruby Red slippers and the flash of yellow. Scary, yet unforgettable!


6. Goanna – Spirit of Place – You can almost feel Summer looking at this. It epitomizes Australia, the 80s and a hot Summer day all in one.


7. Icehouse – Man of Colours – For such a simple cover, it leaves an impression. It was so different at the time and still is. Will always love it.


8. Joni Mitchell – Ladies of the Canyon – I see this and just think of the Hollywood Hills. And the end of the Woodstock era. The start of the 70s. It suits the album perfectly.

We are stardust.
We are golden.
And we’ve got to get ourselves
back to the garden.

Joni Mitchell

9. Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA – I think that when I first saw this I thought “That is America!” Baseball cap, Levi jeans, the bright white top and that confident stance.

Bruce Springsteen

10. Chris Isaak – Baja Sessions – If there was one cover that encapsulates just everything about Chris Isaak, it is this. Cool. Cool. And more cool. He is just so-darn-cool!

Chris Isaak

Jun 14 2011

#blogjune – Day 14 – Today

5.45am – Awake.
6.10am – Say goodbye to Bill as he left for DC.
6.20am – Shower.
6.40am – Breakfast.
7.05am – Out the door.
7.07am – Hey there, hello and good morning to someone from Queen of All Saints that I saw on the way to the bus.
7.15am – On the bus.
7.26am – Board the train and read my kindle.
7.33am – Off the train.
7.35am – Call mum and dad while I walk to work.
7.46am – Enter the building.
7.52am – Say goodbye to mum and dad.
7.56am – Log on.
12.30pm – Lunch and Cross stich.
1.30pm – Back to my desk.
4.00pm – Out the door.
4.12pm – Board the train and read my kindle.
4.26pm – Board the bus.
4.34pm – Chat to two ladies from the 6th floor in the elevator about our lack of umbrellas.
4.36pm – HOME!
4.50pm – Speak to Bill.
5.20pm – Two loads of washing on! Met a neighbour at the dryers who is from New Zealand, has lived in NY for ten years and also won a green card.
5.30pm – Rang mum and dad for our morning chat.
5.50pm – Speak to Bill again.
6.00pm- Take the garbage and paper recycling downstairs.
6.05pm – Clean the bathroom, shower and toilet.
6.30pm – Spent 10 minutes talking to another neighbour who has lived in the building for 33 years. He was giving me the low down on the history of the building. Yeah!
7.00pm – Cook some pork chops for dinner. This is very late – we normally have dinner at 6pm sharp!
7.30pm – Try to Facetime with Bill on Amtrak Wi-Fi. Doesn’t work.
7.40pm – Dishes, mop the floor and clean the kitchen and watch Family Ties.
8.45pm – Fold all the washing while watching another episode of Family Ties and then The Wonder Years and draft this post.
10.00pm – Shower.
10.15pm – In bed watching a documentary on families that live in the Appalachian region.
10.30pm – Bill is HOME! 🙂

Forget about Sex and the City – no matter where you live in the world toilets always need to be cleaned, dinner always needs to be cooked and kitchen floors always need to be mopped. I am trying to start to do more housework on weeknights to free up time on weekends.

Also – today is Flag Day! On this day in 1777 the United States adopted the beautiful stars and stripes as its flag.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Jun 13 2011

#blogjune – Day 13 – Upstate Summer

Summer in Upstate New York is just beautiful.

Everything is so green and lush and at night cool breezes blow… unlike here in the city. While it still gets humid and warm up there… it is bearable because it is so relaxing.

Back in the summer of 2009, we spent time visiting Dan and Paula and I had my first ever swim in a lake. They live right on Crystal Lake and we went out in their boat one afternoon. The whole time I kept saying “Oh no.. I’m not going in!” then when we were actually out on the water, I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t have my bathers on, so I told Bill to take off his swimming shorts so I could chuck them on and jump in in my clothes. It was so refreshing on what was a terribly humid and sultry day.

Now, I can handle surf – no worries. Sand, sunscreen, swimming between the flags. It is all good. But a lake… it is just weird. The water was so warm and so still. It was just perfect. I remember being so scared of strange lake creatures that always fascinated me in books I’d read when I was younger where some lake monster eats half a boat and that kind of thing… but when you are in the actual water it is peaceful and serene. It is actually hard work because with no waves it meant that I was treading like crazy.

First ever lake swim… so beautiful!

In Crystal Lake

Then, I sent mum and dad this video because with it being winter in Melbourne, I had to rub it in!

You can see how unsettled the sky looks here. It was SO hot and the storm came not long after. How beautiful does Crystal Lake look? This is a backyard for those people!

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake

I also found some photos that I took at Golden Harvest Farms from that weekend.. little did I know that two years later we’d be getting our wedding photos taken there! Can you see why I just love it here?!

Golden Harvest Farms

Golden Harvest Farms

Golden Harvest Farms

Golden Harvest Farms

Golden Harvest Farms

Golden Harvest Farms

Golden Harvest Farms

Jun 12 2011

#blogjune – Day 12 – Donny and Marie Madness!

My mum is a pretty big Donny and Marie fan.

When Ma and Pa visited in 2009 and we went to Vegas, we naturally had to go to the Donny and Marie show at the Flamingo! It was one of the most fun nights ever. The stage show was really good and we had unbelievable seats at a front table. Donny actually danced on our table and held mum’s hand!! *faints*

Anyway on Marie’s Twitter feed yesterday she announced a Donny and Marie CRUISE! I nearly screamed – how cool would that be?!

So it led to me going back through my photos from our unreal time in Vegas. Oh… we saw Tom Jones as well when we were there. He left us speechless. Soooo awesome as well.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The whole front of the hotel advertises the show. This is how it looked from across the road at Caesars –

Las Vegas

One of my favourite photos of mum and dad –

Las Vegas

It was so classy… as you can see –

Las Vegas

In the grounds of the Flamingo –

Las Vegas

It was funny when we were taking these photos there was a wedding going on and guys were walking past the ceremony topless in their board shorts with slabs of beer. Again… classy! If we win the lottery… or something like that… we will be going on that cruise!! I will make sure of it!

Jun 11 2011

#blogjune – Day 11 – 2011 Lebanese Food Festival

Last weekend, Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral in Brooklyn Heights held the Lebanese Food Festival again. Remember last year? Well this year was sooo much better because the humidity wasn’t 1000%! It was still warm but not too uncomfortable so we were able to walk the 30 minutes to Remsen Street.

This year we went on Sunday which was a bad idea because they had run out of vine leaves. We still had some other delicious food which is a good treat when someone else is making home style Lebanese food for you to save cooking it yourself!

Brooklyn Borough Hall looking nice and patriotic –

Lebanese Food Festival 2011

The Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral. It is gorgeous and they have this food festival every year to raise funds for the church restoration.

Lebanese Food Festival 2011


Lebanese Food Festival 2011

It really was a production line of amazing volunteers with catchy community spirit.

Lebanese Food Festival 2011

Lebanese Food Festival 2011


Lebanese Food Festival 2011

This year, we sat inside the church hall to do some family style dining.

Lebanese Food Festival 2011

Lebanese Food Festival 2011

Our meals… absolutely delicious!

Lebanese Food Festival 2011

The sweetest dessert I have ever eaten in my entire life. I could only manage one bite!

Lebanese Food Festival 2011

A huge Lebanese genealogy project is in full swing… so this naturally caught my eye!

Lebanese Food Festival 2011

Jun 10 2011

#blogjune – Day 10 – Mac Time!

I have been somewhat off the radar due to the fun and games of setting up my new Mac – I love setting up new computers.. so much fun!

On Wednesday night I raced home in the 100F heat to make a batch of home made pesto for our Chicken pesto pizza dinner and to wait. And wait. And wait.

Bill was going straight to the Apple store after work to pick up my new Macbook Pro. It is home now and it is BEAUTIFUL! I am actually angry that I have waited so long to get one – I should’ve done this six months ago and saved the frustration of using an uber slow computer. My productivity in computer use time has gone through the roof with this new little baby… soooo fast! I can have iTunes and iPhoto running without my external drive. I don’t have to keep the screen on so dark to preserve battery power. I can have open AND Safari. I feel like the luckiest girl alive at the moment.

The screen resolution is amazing. Just beautiful. Everything looks better. My photos are popping out the screen.

This purchase caused me to reflect on my computer purchasing history –

1993 – First computer – Amstrad
Purchased my Myer Northland by mum and dad. With a Dot Matrix printer this baby ran Windows 3.1 and was just the best thing ever to play Solitaire on. I did all my homework on it using MS Works. It was awesome. The closest image I could find online that I can remember this computer looking like is this one –


February 14, 1997 –
Under the severe influence of Evan I saved up for a year and bought a new Apple Macintosh Performa Director’s Edition 5400 from IC Technologies in Heidelberg Road. The computer was black and had a TV tuner and remote control. It also cost around $4,000! I was so excited I put the computer in the car and then locked my keys in it. This computer changed my life.

Someone has made a video of their one and this is from Australia. Such great memories of a truly beautiful computer!

June 2002 –
Because I needed to use Access so much for uni, I purchased a HP Desktop with XP. I cannot remember whether this was from Myer or Harvey Norman or Officeworks but either way, it was a quick purchase. This was a really good computer and was great for that time.

November 2005 –
iMac time! I went back to Mac and this iMac was just beautiful. Mum and dad successfully transitioned from using Windows to using Mac because this computer was such a beauty to use.

February 2007 –
Purchase of my MacBook that was a secondary computer for uni that became my main computer when I moved here.

May 2010 –
Original iMac died a slow death… mum and dad ran back to the Apple Store in Ivanhoe (what was the original IC Technologies where I bought my first Mac) to purchase a new Mac and Ev spent the day with them transferring everything from the old one.

June 8, 2011 –
New MacBook Pro purchased from the Apple Store on 14th Street. Here are some photos of the grand opening of my new baby –

Very Sleek –

New MacBook Pro

New MacBook Pro

So much less packaging than my 2007 purchase!

New MacBook Pro

New MacBook Pro

Action shot –

New MacBook Pro

Bits and pieces –

New MacBook Pro

New MacBook Pro


New MacBook Pro

Backlit keyboard is the best invention ever –

New MacBook Pro