Josephine Martha

If you are coming here to find out more about anencephaly, carrying a baby to term after a life limiting diagnosis or just to find our more about our daughter, Josephine – here is everything!

Our daughter Josephine was our first born. We had a life limiting diagnosis at 12 weeks gestation and at that time I was only recommended to get an abortion. We refused and decided to carry Josephine to term. She was born on December 12, 2013 and lived 82 precious minutes. This is Josephine’s story.

The day before
Our diagnosis
The Pregnancy
Josephine’s Birth
The Emergency Baptism
Josephine’s Funeral
Josephine’s Gravesite
Josephine’s First Birthday
How we remember Josephine
Little Joey Stories
Team Joey
Looking back on 2013


We love you so much Josephine!

Love Mummy and Daddy xxx