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Mar 05 2013

Retweet before the storm #happy365

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So all I knew at this point was Geoff Shaw was resigning from the Liberal Party.

Little did I know what would happen overnight NY time. The reason for this being a happy365? That because of technology I can sit over here and follow my political news just as I would be if I was sitting at Parliament. If only all my former colleagues were here as well. I loved knowing exactly what would be happening in the library as the drama unfolded! 😉

Mar 02 2013

My brave husband #happy365

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One big load of happy happy happy happy – Bill is going to be ok. His heart went into atrial flutter tonight and we rushed uptown to New York Presbyterian. Every time I have been with him for any hospital visit he is nothing short of amazing. His patience and demeanor while getting poked, prodded, questioned and worked on is amazing. The perfect patient… and husband!

Feb 28 2013

Buonanotte Papa Benedetto #happy365

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This is a happy365 where I am happy for someone else.

Tonight, we lit the candles we got in our Year of Faith packs in Rome and we have them burning below our papal blessing. When Pope Benedict announced his retirement, we decided we would use these candles for him on his last day.

So this happy365 is because I am happy for him. He will have some peace and solitude at this time of his life. The stage he described today as "His Final Journey". I will miss him so much.

Feb 27 2013


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I was walking to the subway after work and chatting to mum on my phone. I looked up and saw someone familiar and it took me two seconds to realize… GREG KELLY!

I just started saying "Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh" on the phone to mum until I said "Greg Kelly is right in front of me… I’ll CALL YOU BACK!!" I turned around in time to catch a snap of him walking away.

That is him carrying the parcel.

*happy dance*