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Jan 07 2013

Sewing Class #happy365

Via Flickr:
At 4pm, Bill and I raced out of work and to a sewing class I booked. We just walked in the door at 10. Tired, but happy! It was a great night out and we made two gorgeous tote bags!

Jan 05 2013

Inbox Zero #happy365

Via Flickr:
This makes me SO happy!

At work, I have had a status of ‘Inbox Zero’ for two years. For my home email, I was always ‘Inbox 40 or so’ until a month ago. It is a GREAT feeling.

Jan 01 2013

Bare trees with mini fairy lights #happy365

I love how they look in the crisp winter air. Keeping the Christmas Spirit alive!

Taken at Zuccotti Park, Financial District

I am taking part in Happy365 – where a group of us on Flickr take one photo a day of something that makes us happy… so you’ll be seeing these posts from me too!