Jun 28 2010

Back in Melbourne and to the G! GO PIES!

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Flying back from Hobart, we got home at around 4pm. I had a couple of hours to relax before getting in my footy clothes and heading to the G for Collingwood Vs Hawthorn. To say I was jumping out of my skin would be an understatement. I left Bill at home with mum and dad while I went off to do my thing. I was waiting down at the station for my train and it was surreal – going to the footy just like I had never left! I was on a packed carriage with people listening to the pre-game broadcast on their radios and talking rubbish. It was heaven!

When I got to my seat, it was like nothing had changed. My seat was still there. Sandra was sitting beside me. All the usual suspects were sitting in front, behind and to the side. Even the pre-match music was the same. It was beautiful to smell the hot chips, the pies and the old beer. Just perfect!

Here are some photos from my seat –

Nothing better than this –

At half time I caught up with Caz who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. We used to go to the Cricketers Arms pre and post match and I remember the time when we were both studying and we met up to watch the guys train with our dogs at Vic Park. She is now married to Foxy (a fellow Pies faithful!) and expecting and he will be born before the finals! Hopefully he’ll bring us some September luck. Here we are at half time –

I love THIS all SO MUCH. The siren went. We won convincingly and just like old times I was walking through the MCG carpark in the dark, dodging footballs to make my way to the train. I made my way to the end of the platform to get to the last carriage (where I always go because you ALWAYS get a seat after the game if you go to the last carriage) and I was on my way home. It was like I had never left. GO PIES!