Nov 06 2011

Our night with Lindsey Buckingham

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That was all I could say at the end of Friday night as we settled into bed.

Our Friday night this week was not spent going to JFK Airport to ride the Airtrain but was instead spent on the Upper East Side.

First we had to stop in Soho where Poppy King walked right past me. After being in Soho three times over the past three weeks, my quota is up for the next twelve months. It is my most “Ugh-get-me-out-of-here!” places in the city. I cannot stand it! So we did that and then headed up town.

For dinner, we headed to Dorrian’s Red Hand. I am a fan of any place that has some scandal and this place has plenty. After reading the Yelp reviews, I wasn’t expecting much but I have to say, it was a really good meal for bar food. We got a small table around the corner, out of the main bar area so we could look out onto 84th Street. I absolutely loved the red and white checked cloth tablecloths as it made it feel really cozy!

Dorrian's Red Hand

Funnily, Phil Collins started playing through dinner. It was the second Friday night in a row we have had dinner while being serenaded by Phil. Due to the clientele and the soundtrack, I was expecting Patrick Bateman to walk in any second. After our 80s flashback, we then headed up to the 92nd Street Y for A Conversation with Lindsey Buckingham. There were about 200 of us in what was basically a school auditorium. We had Anthony DeCurtis from Rolling Stone as a moderator. He was absolutely fantastic! We basically sat in on a conversation between them both for an hour and a half! Lindsey talked about his new album, his old stuff, song writing, guitar playing, Fleetwood Mac, his relationship with Stevie. It was awesome. He also pulled out his guitar and sang three songs. Rock Away Blind, I am Waiting and a killer version of Big Love. It was such a great experience and so relaxed. We actually got to see him tune his guitar. One note from the show – he is totally self taught from when he was a child! I couldn’t concentrate fully though because at the start of the evening the organizers said said “He will be signing CD’s after the show…” I nearly fainted. I was going to MEET him!

After the conversation, we lined up to buy CDs (I have doubled up as I already had the album as an iTunes download… too bad he can’t sign my iTunes playlist!) We got a gift for dad for Christmas as dad loves Lindsey and the Mac too – how do you think I ended up finding out about them soooo many years ago?!

Bill lined up before me with dad’s gift and then when he signed that, Bill would go to the side and take my photo. Bill explained to Lindsey that this was for his father-in-law as he was a great fan and was in Australia. Then he moved to the side and I got to meet him. I said to him “And I am the daughter of his father-in-law!” It was my most I CARRIED A WATERMELON moment ever… even worse than when I told Craig Kelly I was a Library Monitor. But Lindsey looked at me to get the CD and then laughed when he understood what I meant.. Bill caught the moment right here!

I met Lindsey Buckingham!!!!!!!!

I then thanked him so much for his music and how much I enjoyed the evening and his performances. He shook my hand and said “No – thank you!” and I just basically died right there.

I met Lindsey Buckingham!!!!!!!!

In my opinion, this event was totally strange because it basically wasn’t publicized anywhere. I don’t know how I even found out about it but it was a buzz to know there was this tiny little event, that ended up being just pretty hardcore fans, getting to experience a very intimate and personal interview and meet and greet in a school hall on a Friday night in New York. It really was surreal! One of my life dreams ticked off – I met Lindsey Buckingham. Whoa. Whoa. WHOA!