Feb 21 2012

Lights, Camera…

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All week we have had bright pink notices on every lamp post in our street about the filming of Blue Bloods on our block. This morning we came out of the lobby to this view –

Blue Bloods filming in our street

All of the big trucks, change rooms and location vehicles were ready to go. I’ve never watched Blue Bloods, but I know that Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck are in it. So I envisaged coming home to this kind of welcome –

I was so excited all day to hopefully see some action tonight. Unfortunately, when I turned into our street after work there was no filming happening but all the trucks were still there. So I thought they might be shooting a night scene and we’d see them after dinner. When we went outside after dinner, still nothing. Then when we came back from Queen of All Saints we deliberately walked the long way home to try and catch a glimpse of Magnum PI IN PERSON but… they were all gone! So the shoot must have been happening in one of the houses in our street. Boooo! Anyway… that was our little bit of excitement in our street tonight. All back to normal now!