Mar 19 2012

Killing Time

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Sometimes I do not feel I appreciate the internet for all that it is and for how it has changed all of our lives in so many ways. Tonight was NOT one of those times.

I have been excited about the Australian series Killing Time since I found out about it being filmed. When it screened last year, I got great feedback on it from mum, dad and Ev and I resigned myself to having to sit out and wait for the DVD to be released. Thanks to my cousin, I didn’t have to wait at all. He got me a copy on DVD (I know, I know!) and it was sent over as part of my recent birthday present! Woohoo! It arrived today and I just watched the first hour… it is awesome and at the same time, a horrible cause of homesickness. I could really just close my eyes and be right in the middle of Richmond again. I cannot wait to watch the rest of the series. The plan is to try and control myself and not go on a Killing Time binge. I wish I did that with The Slap. I didn’t move all weekend when mum sent over that DVD!

So I was on the phone to mum and dad tonight to thank them for sending it over and was going to see if they could pick up the two Andrew Fraser books and send them over to me in their next package.

I jumped on to Readings and was faced with the shock of Australian paperback prices. You know you have lived in America long enough when you think there is an error when ANY book is above $15!

So this is what I saw –

I then searched on Amazon to see if there was any editions released here for sale. I would never have expected them to be available on Kindle.. but they were. Check out the prices!

No shipping costs, no waiting for weeks, no worrying about lost parcels..

Thank you internet!!