Mar 21 2012

In The Air Tonight

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We love our neighborhood SO much. We have everything here – it truly rocks.

Although not to far from here, the past 24 hours have resulted in two shootings. That is three in the past few weeks.

We heard the sirens last night. Police cars here also have this strange siren that vibrates – so if you can’t hear the sirens clearly, you can feel them. They sound a lot deeper too. Here is an example of how it sounds –

Last night we were sitting here and all we could hear was siren after siren. It was shortly after that that I saw an update on a local blog about a shooting.

Searching Twitter for further information I was able to find out part of the victim’s name. Further searching got me reading of a past shooting he was allegedly involved in and I was able to trace that back to earlier crimes. This made me think this was all part of a long running feud and the payback theory was also being used today by some news sources.

Then tonight at 6pm there was another shooting at the same lot of houses.

This always seems to happen. The minute the weather gets warmer, the guns come out. The area where these shootings happened have a history of being somewhat notorious but I hope our local police make them a real focus and have a real presence there. I really feel for the residents of those blocks – it is not fair to them to end up being prisoners in their own homes.

To make matters worse, not far from there, right where Bill and I walk off the Brooklyn Bridge, a huge truck got stuck coming off the BQE.

The Twitter account AlwaysActions posted these photos –

Scenes from the shooting tonight –

Scene of the truck accident –

Stop the drama, I want to get off!