Apr 08 2012

What a day!

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While trying to stay awake on the couch this afternoon, I was just thinking about how busy Easter is. This season, for me, ends up busier than Christmas. Yet, the focus is always on Christmas because of the shopping, the parties and the visiting. Easter is different as it can be spiritually exhausting. It is emotional, it is the culmination of forty days of hard work. There are also four days in a row that take you to a different place – from the more horrific of horrors to the most joyous of joys. Today was beautiful!

Here is our dodgy iPhone Easter photo.. I severely lack the skills when it comes to iPhone self portraits!

Easter 2012

We started the morning back at Queen of All Saints. The sun was shining, Spring was in full force! The buds on the trees in our street are sprinkling everywhere with vibrant green –

Easter 2012

Beautiful tulips outside Queen of All Saints –

Easter 2012

Bill saved a seat (standing room only today by the time Mass starts!) and Michele and I got everything ready for the treats give away for the children. This is before we set everything up. All the goodie bags and Michele got some kite kits to give away – the kiddies loved them!

Easter 2012

When Mass was over, Michele and I handed out so many bags to children. It was amazing seeing their eyes light up with “Happy Easter!!!!” By the time we packed everything, I got home at about 1pm. Bill had started the roast. We ate chocolate and watched TV and relaxed. By the time we knew it, lunch was ready. Prepping all the vegies the night before meant we just had to get everything cooked so it took the pressure off greatly this afternoon. Bill also made some dinner rolls that he sprinkled some lamb herbs in so we had a beautiful rosemary flavor through them. They were so good!!

Here is the roast when it came out of the oven.

Easter 2012

We have a stack left over for cold leg of lamb sandwiches for lunches during the week!

All plated up –

Easter 2012

I did the carrots with honey and sesame seeds. I didn’t have enough peas left so we went with beans instead. I had some brussel sprouts in the fridge so chucked them in with the taters and pumpkin halfway through with some onion.

All together – it was just lovely. We then had a nap and we’ve just done the dishes and Bill is baking our normal bread for the week. I can’t believe the alarm will be going off at 6am tomorrow! Eeeeekkk! We need one more day!!