Jun 12 2012

A little flashback… #blogjune

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This clip is proof that concerts in malls are totally awesome. I never did see any concerts at Northland growing up but.. how awesome was Tiffany’s concert? Especially when she had random looking guys acting as security guards. Check it out at the 1.10 mark! Also, can you imagine if we went to the airport and rode around on the baggage claim like she did? How times have changed!!

Back in the day I could not stand Tiffany. This was all because of a a poll in Smash Hits where she rated higher than Kylie. I had to stick up for Kylie so this meant I would never play Tiffany. The years have passed and lately this song has been rocking my iPod… it is great on my morning commute.

A little bit of trivia, the Ogden City Mall in Utah where a lot of this was filmed became a dead mall and was completely demolished in 2002.I have a fascination with American malls so if you are like me, you will love the Dead Malls website.

Next up.. how beautiful is Debbie Gibson’s song ‘Only in my dreams’? I have posted this so you can have it stuck in your head for weeks just like I have!

Also – another Debbie Gibson favourite of mine –

I have found that that more and more I use the shuffle function less and tend to use set playlists for morning and afternoon commutes. I think this must be only because there are certain kinds of songs that are only suitable at 7am… so 80s bubblegum pop it is!