Aug 06 2012

At 7.05am without fail..

Posted by Jenelle in Life in New York / 1 Comment

I am walking down the street on my way to work and no parking starts at 7am to allow traffic to have a clear run.

At this time in the morning, there is always a tow truck waiting to pounce. The NYPD waste no time whatsoever and I always try and pick the cars that will be towed first.


I even saw them tow one a few weeks ago that had ‘FUNERAL’ on it. Obviously someone left their car there after a funeral at the nearby funeral parlor. I noticed the guy calling a few times to see if belonged to the funeral parlor and after that, a supervisor arrived and made the decision to tow.

In a nutshell, don’t mess with New York when it comes to parking. Traffic flow is serious business!