Jan 21 2013

ET on the big screen

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A couple of months ago, it was the 30th Anniversary of ET. The first movie I ever saw. Mum’s cousin took me to see it at the Forum in Melbourne when it was still a movie theater. I was so young but have never forgotten it. I had an ET doll that it seems we donated to charity that is now worth a lot more money than we ever paid for it and I had the “Read along with me in your book” version of ET that was read by Drew Barrymore.

For Christmas last year, Bill got me the gorgeous ET box set with a book, dvd and other goodies. Then when I saw there was going to be a special 30th anniversary screening at Union Square, I HAD to go. It was so amazing to walk into the cinema and see this at the box office –

ET at Union Square

I nearly fainted when the lights dimmed and I saw this on the screen.

ET at Union Square

By the way, these weren’t taken when the movie was on. We had a special segment that screened before the movie that had quiz questions and interviews with the cast and crew.

ET at Union Square

ET at Union Square

It was as magical as I remembered. The movie just has to be screened on a big screen. The music is so full of emotion… it was just perfect.


If you haven’t seen ET recently, you really should watch it again.

Listening to theme… awwww. Goosebumps! My favorite scene…

I can’t watch this and NOT cry. “I’ll be right here…”