Jan 19 2013

The not too long flight home…

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Ahhh the last post about Europe! It is strange when you are on holiday. You don’t want it to end and then, when it does you just want to get home RIGHT NOW. We got to Heathrow early enough so we could have a relaxing time in the Lounge and do some last minute shopping at Boots and just take it easy.

The American Airlines lounge at Heathrow was ok – nothing like Qantas Club. We are so spoiled when we are at Tullamarine at the lounge there, but it was nice for some quiet time at Heathrow as that airport is just crazy!

We took off on time and then I realized that I had packed my headphones in my checked luggage. So being headphoneless meant being angry with myself for ten minutes and then back to back reading of Hello! and OK and reading my Royal Family special edition book. It made a short flight longer but I survived.

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for… the plane food! Much like the journey over, it was pretty average but it did the job.

Our main meal was this generic creamy pasta with salad. The salad was really fresh and better than Qantas salad –

AA - LHR - LAX - Dinner and Snack

The attendants then came around with a snack about two hours out of New York. Now seriously, we had just come away from eating copious amounts of awesome pizza and pasta in Italy and then we were confronted with this…

AA - LHR - LAX - Dinner and Snack

Oh dear. When we opened it, this is what we got –

AA - LHR - LAX - Dinner and Snack

It was as bland, rubbery and as awful as you could imagine. Yes, we definitely were not on holidays any more!

Landing at JFK was horrendous due to long long immigration lines. The US Citizen line was just as long as the visitor one and they were both moving slow. It took us two hours to get through so it was a crummy way to end the holiday but the blessing was an easy cab ride home. Within 20 minutes of exiting JFK, we were walking into our building. We were home and our vacation was well and truly over. Ahhhhh!

Now… we have under three weeks to go until we are back in Rome and we are literally counting every single hour until we are back there!