Jan 01 2013

Happy New Year!

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So, it seems life got busy and my blog got quiet.

I am back for 2013. I have posts ready to go – finishing up our European vacation posts, telling you about some of the fun things we have been doing and some photo posts. Funnily enough, in this downtime, I have still been blogging but just not publishing. So content is ready to roll. Let’s see how this goes!

We can start off with today though.. we were asleep by 11.30 last night.

Our neighbors were having their usual insane NYE party. This is not just a few friends… it sounded like hundreds of people thumping around and seriously, the setup they have for music sounds like it is directly from a Vegas nightclub. We awoke to the front door of our building being smashed, cigarette ash in our hallway and lots of talk about just how late the party went and how loud the music was. I was wide awake from the yelling/screaming and craziness outside from about 2am – 3.30am. Bill slept without any disturbance. Considering we live in Brooklyn, we are lucky. They have their massive party every year and that is it, so we all just put up with it for the one night.

We couldn’t sleep in either as we had to get up early and go to Mass. Being a Tuesday, it was a real Holy Day of Obligation and it was great to see so many people there and share lots of New Year cheer. Here we are all ready to head out into the cold –

New Years Day

One of our fellow neighbors and Queen of All Saints parishioners also invited us to brunch. For those from Haiti, New Years Day is a BIG deal because it is their Independence Day, so there is double the cause for celebration. She made the traditional soup that everyone makes on New Years Day. It is called Joumou and it is absolutely delicious! Basically it was loads of squash and other chunky vegetables. She also baked a lovely ham and we sat around her dining table with some other guests all afternoon – it was so relaxing and a lovely way to experience customs from another country and just have some downtime for the craziness of the past few weeks.

So that was today. Let’s hope the blog stays alive a little longer this year. I’ve been doing this non-stop pretty much since 1996… so a little break wasn’t a bad thing I guess!

Happy New Year to you! Let’s make 2013 the year of excess love and hugs for others. 🙂