Jun 04 2013

Custard Scrolls… enough said! #blogjune

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I go through various stages of missing things from Australia. One of the most random things recently was Bakers Delight Custard Scrolls. My friend Warbo, would always bring them over and I would always grab one if I was passing the bakery.

So I set about on a mission.. I needed them NOW. I found a recipe for them on a great blog, My Food Obsession. Susan’s work in creating the Custard Scroll masterpiece is amazing.

A difficult part of the recipe is the Custard Scroll icing. Which is the same as Boston Bun icing. That heavy, thick, sweet icing that somehow never makes you feel blah. After reading Susan’s post, I understood that she tried to recreate the icing but it just wasn’t the same. After doing some more searching, I found a list of common ingredients that Bakers Delight use to make their icing so Bill converted the measurements to what we thought would be a recipe that would work. I decided that it was time to give this recipe a whirl.

The mixing and matching on this recipe worked a treat. They taste pretty much exactly like the real thing. They were beautiful on the day of baking and we decided to freeze some and see how they would go. That worked as well.

Here are some photos.. the proof of their greatness is in the pictures. Can’t you just taste them?!

Making the custard –

Custard Scrolls

Cooling the custard by the window –

Custard Scrolls

I had a nap while Bill made the dough and baked them… this is how they came out of the oven –

Custard Scrolls

Reading to ice, ice baby! –

Custard Scrolls

The end result –

Custard Scrolls

  • Abigail Willemse

    Man – these look amazing! I am literally sitting here licking my lips and drooling – they look SOOO good!!! Custard scrolls from Bakers Delight are also my favourite; my sister used to work there and would bring some home at the end of the day. Would you share the recipe or is that top secret?

  • Paulette Irwin

    would you please post the recipe? im 10 hours drive away from my ‘local’ bakers delight and 6 months pregnant. i am having the worst cravings… pretty please? lol

  • jess

    Please please please put up the recipe for your icing. …I too am pregnant and just resorted togoogling for a recipe!!!

  • Vicki Lovegreen OAM

    Great, Can you also send me the recipe for the scroll a well as the icing. I volunteer work in remote areas of Australia and would like to share an experience with clients who do not have the opportunity to taste such marvels that are in city areas. It is a fabulous tasting scroll I also get from Bakers Delight when home so sharing it would be my greatest pleasure Hope you can oblige thanks Vicki

  • Judith

    Please post your icing recipe