Josephine’s First Birthday

In the lead up to Josephine’s first birthday, we decided that every December 12th is our Family Day. There will be no work, school or chores. Just a day for us and Josephine.

On her very first birthday it was a beautiful day for our little saint. For Joey’s day, we went to Mass in the morning and then it was time to take Francis for his first ever car ride as we went out to Long Island to St. Charles Cemetery. We decorated her grave for Christmas and got to tell Francis all about her. It was perfect.


For me, her first birthday felt like a huge hurdle that we had got over. We didn’t know how we would all feel or react to the day. There was just a strange peace that I felt – the day had ended as quickly as it had arrived. We survived it. It is strange because it is not only her birthday but the anniversary of her death – it is strange how we just automatically focussed on her birthday, rather than the latter.

Happy First Birthday Josephine!