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May 08 2017

It’s happening again!

We are so excited to share some very happy news with you all! There is another Baby Blevins joining our family. We still cannot believe it! We are so excited!

It has been a big year for us with a lot of ups and downs and this beautiful baby has been a wonderful surprise.

Introducing… Bilby Two!

Unfortunately, I have been really sick and even now, it still hasn’t subsided. I thought things were bad with Josephine but this has taken on a whole new level. It has been a bit of a shock as with Francis I felt absolutely amazing the whole time except for some early tiredness. My hair was shiny, my skin was glowing – I was ‘that’ annoying pregnant woman. This time I have been pretty much housebound/couchbound/bedbound for the past nine weeks and between that and dealing with the “Is everything ok with this baby?” thoughts, we’ve had a really hard time. Going into our ultrasound, I was convinced something was wrong and for once in my life, I was very happy to be told I was very wrong!

Francis and Bill have been amazing through all of this and helping with everything. Every night Francis says goodnight to the “Baby in mummy’s tummy” but he has also called the baby a booger (!) and after seeing the ultrasound photo he told us to “Turn the lights on!” in mummy’s tummy to wake up the baby. We are so excited to see how he will be as a big brother!

So far, every appointment has been exceptional and every doctor and midwife we have met has been amazing. We honestly feel like we have the best doctors in Melbourne looking after us. Things here are A LOT different to the system in New York and we are absolutely loving it! The other thing I realized? Three labours in four years? Let’s do it!

Please keep us all in your prayers, we need them!