Jun 17 2005

I feel the earth move…

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With the City of Angels shaking away at the moment it bought back memories of my first time in LA.

They say you have never lived until you have experienced an earthquake. Well how about about this – I got the chance to experience it – but slept through all 7.0 magnitude hits on the richter scale.

The 15th October 1999 started very early as it was a somewhat momentus occasion. My first trip to Disneyland. I remember our shuttle bus picking us up at about 8.30am and we wouldn’t be returning until 10.00pm so it was going to be a massive day. So massive in fact that Space Mountain, It’s a Small World and Splash Mountain left me so exhausted I fell in to a very very very heavy sleep when we eventually got back to the hostel.

The next morning at breakfast, other hostellers were commenting on ‘feeling it’, how it ‘woke them up’, how ‘stuff fell’. I missed out. I had actually slept through an earthquake. And not just any earthquake. This was the Hector Mine Earthquake. It derailed the Amtrak Southwest Chief. Buckled roads. Tipped over shelves. But couldn’t wake Jenelle.

If you read my 100 things list you can see that I can fall asleep just about anywhere – this was one time I wish I didn’t have that skill.

In the meantime, two ways to check out all that is LA at the moment – Franklin Avenue and Blogging.LA.