Jun 16 2010


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This post is dedicated to Sally. And Naomi. And everyone else on Twitter and Facebook who wants to get Icehouse stuck in their heads ALL DAY. Now that the warm weather is here in the city, it is funny what memories summer brings back. Today, it was listening to Icehouse.

Icehouse for me is memories of summer holidays 1987-1988. I would play Man of Colours on my first cassette player (Teac brand!) that I got from Santa (along with the Summer ’87 cassette) Check out the songs on that tape! It was such an ace mix tape!

The Man of Colours album art was just so cool and so was Iva Davies. I also loved the font on the liner notes of the cassette.

Anyway, here are my favourite Icehouse songs to play and to think about summer and water fights and Sportsgirl t-shirts with tartan shorts and cricket and tennis and lemonade icypoles and scary total fire ban warnings before the news.

We will start with early Icehouse and work towards Man of Colours.

This is on my most played list. I love this song. Their first hit when they where known as Flowers, We can get together –

I think Hey Little Girl is also one of their best songs ever –

Homesickness in a YouTube clip. Great Southern Land is so easy to listen to.

Crazy was a major hit from Man of Colours. Such a corny film clip and Iva’s mullet is out of control –

Everyone loves Electric Blue and everyone knows the lyrics. (Edit – as I was playing the clips after I published this post, Bill was whistling to Electric Blue – it was popular here in the States too! Wow – I never knew! )