Nov 01 2005

Lonely Planet Podcasts

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Have still been playing with the iTunes store. Only bands that I wanted that don’t seem to be up yet are Dragon and Icehouse.. although I can’t imagine there is a great rush of downloads for Electric Blue, so they are forgiven.

In mucking around and downloading too many podcasts I’ve found that Lonely Planet recently launched their own. The latest pod is on New Orleans. This is definitely not going to help my travel bug as my current plans include another month long USA jaunt to head back to Boston, New York and Wash DC (haven’t been there since 1999). I am also planning on Charleston and Savannah and yes folks.. back to Amarillo and then a quick stop in LA for some In-N-Out.

I am also now working on developing the travel area of the site with my own hostel reviews (I should sell my content on to Lets Go! and Lonely Planet as I’ve stayed in wayyy too many) and lots of the good pics that were taken on… APS. *shudder*