Dec 13 2014

One Year…

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Happy Birthday Josephine!

It was one year ago yesterday that Josephine was born. It was also one year ago yesterday that Josephine passed away. The year has flown by and we have missed her and prayed to her every single day since. All of her girly things are in a beautiful memory box. We have Masses said for her. We go over her birth, just like it was yesterday.

Josephine with mummy and daddy

But we have also moved on and do this while never forgetting our little Joey.

It now feels like we can share more of her life with others. Mainly for those who get a diagnosis like we did. To know they are not alone. To know that carrying to term is an option. To allow Josephine to be remembered.

She also is a big sister… and what an adventure that is right now! More about that coming up in the next post. 🙂