Nov 28 2006

Dave Matthews is returning…

So after not visiting Australia for what seemed like 50 years… DMB are coming back… again!

So next year in the space of two weeks I will have seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers three times and DMB once.

April is going to be just awesome!

Sep 20 2006

Flickr has been updated – finally!

I have uploaded some of my pics from the Countdown Spectacular and also one very dodgy mobile phone pic from INXS last night. Quite simply they rocked. Someone posted on the something along the lines of ‘Thank you JD for keeping the INXS spirit alive’ and that is exactly what they are doing. Their new tracks fitted into the classic set really well and they all looked so happy – it was just such a great gig and everyone stood the whole time. So no pangs of guilt for blocking the view of others while I jump around. Just fantastic.And the other bonus – they were loud. Very loud. Bliss.Next gig – Zeppelin Flies Again oh and some homework now and then.I promise to get back to posting about important things like groovy library stuff soon enough.In blog news, Rodger is leaving LA for San Fran and not in the best of circumstances and Stephanie Klein got married!My ongoing project at the moment is finding flight friendly cosmetics and things that I need to survive a long haul that won’t get confiscated by airport security. I will post my findings soon!Did I also mention I am currently struggling with a deep myspace addiction? Help!Don’t Change – INXS

Sep 14 2006

Musically speaking

1. Countdown was fantastic – I will upload my photos soon.2. Tickets to the Chili Peppers are as follows -Saturday 7th – seeing them in AdelaideSunday 8th – seeing them in MelbourneTuesday 10th – seeing them in Melbourne3. Next week – INXS it is! Cannot wait4. Got great seats for the Zep Boys with Orchestra at Crown5. Extremely sad that Toby didn’t make it through for Supernova. He was the best and most entertaining. Lukas = Zzzzzzzzzz. Anyway, the upside is for he and Juke Kartel, they are going to be huge!So no more Rockstar, no more footy but lots of music to keep me occupied.To do -*Download new iTunesOver and out!

Jul 12 2006

More travel updates…

I’ve now made live the 01/02 USA travel page.

These photos were not taken on a digital if you are wondering why some of them look a little different. They were taken on my Canon APS and I recently got them all transferred onto CD-ROM.

Bury me deep in love – The Triffids

May 29 2006

Turn it up!

Rant 1 – The Countdown Spectacular tickets went on sale this morning. For $160 each. Is it just me or is that just a tad excessive? I’ll wait until it is on DVD, thanks.

Well yes it is a tad excessive, but I logged on to Ticketek then and managed to score one seat in the 2nd row. Oops.

Now that rant is over, it is gigs galore at the moment. Between Collingwood winning and the Chili Peppers release, I had failed to note all the good things happening in musical Melbourne at the moment.

Last week Diesel played with Strings at the Gershwin Room at the Epsy. Despite a pretty late start and no support it was a truly awesome gig. He is playing two shows with a full band at the Evelyn during June and that equates to the louder the better. Nice.

Mark Seymour is playing in the front bar at the Espy every Thursday night in June, testing out some new material. Nice plus.

Split Enz concert is also happening on June 11.

Chuck in some great specials on Music Max (even though ChitChat canned Stadium Arcadium) and I think I am being very well looked after at the moment!

To do – see Candy ASAP.

Time Bomb – Nick Barker

May 14 2006

Excuse me while I hyperventilate

I have been so patient and good with regards to the release of Stadium Arcadium.

JB Hi-Fi rang me yesterday to let me know my Limited Edition release is waiting for me. It has ARRIVED. I vowed not to download it from iTunes or buy the ‘normal’ copy until I had the Limited Edition in my hands (if I was actually going to get it… which if I didn’t, I’d resort to the latter methods).

So tomorrow at approx. 12.30pm I shall have it in my red hot little hands. Wooooooohoooooooo!!!

Here nor there – Andy Stochansky

Apr 30 2006

My lipglosses, lipbalms and smackers!

What else is a girl to do on a Saturday night than have a makeup cleanout to 80s music?

In the process, I decided to get together my stash of lipstuff. As you can tell… I have a bit of a thing for lipsmackers. Oops.

Goonies R Good Enough – Cyndi Lauper

Apr 22 2006

Jenelle’s Celebrity Playlist

If anyone who is anyone can have a celebrity playlist on the iTunes store then why can’t I? Here is my list… I got a bit excited and it got a bit long but hey, it is my playlist afterall… (imagine the value of this on iTunes!)

Killer Lover (Renee Geyer) – Renee’s voice with Paul Kelly lyrics equals a rare treat in music

Man Overboard (Do Re Mi) – Deborah Conway is so angry in this song and for some reason I get completely what she is on about

Dream On (Aerosmith) – My favourite ‘air microphone’ song

Zephyr Song (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – if I was sitting in the backyard, looking up at the sky on a nice mid-20s day, this is what I would like to be playing out of the speakers

Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac) – “I’ll follow you down to ‘til sound of my voice will haunt you” says it all.

True Tears of Joy (Hunters and Collectors) – Mark Seymour is our best songwriter. This is one of his best IMO.

Crush (Dave Matthews Band) – Dave. Dave. Dave. Too good.

Oh No Not You Again (Australian Crawl) – quintessentially a totally Aussie scene is set in this song. Very Sydney.

Overkill (Men at Work) – I totally dig the sax in this tune and Colin Hay’s voice singing “Goes to bed and fades away” is dreamy

Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) – Because a list of this kind without this song is just plain wrong.

Science Fiction (Divinyls) – I got back into Divinyls after watching old Countdown re-runs on Rage one night. The drums after the first verse make this song. Play – repeat – play again.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Patsy Cline) – I love Patsy’s version of my favourite gospel tune.

Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks) – I don’t drink but this is still my ‘drinking song’! You must listen to this with the ‘famous third verse’.

Sin Wagon (Dixie Chicks) – If you’re going out after you’ve been going out… this is the song to listen to.

D’yer Mak’er (Led Zeppelin) – This song defined high school. I still turn it up every time I hear it.

Go Insane (Live version) (Lindsey Buckingham) – The song I think I have played way too many times. Lindsey is the only person in the world who should ever play this song – it is his and he owns it. Big time.

Trust Me (Janis Joplin) – I love all of Janis’ stuff and this rocks.

She Makes My Day (Robert Palmer) – Bless the lucky girl who got this written for her. Gorgeous song.

Say Goodbye (Hunters and Collectors) – When I hear this I think of St Kilda and the days the Hunnas would’ve been playing at the Epsy.

Good Old Collingwood Forever – Because the only time its get sung is when you are feeling awesome.

Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran) – Top of my best of the 80s list easily.

Especially for You (Kylie and Jason) – I still want to them to get together. This is the ultimate love song!! Scott and Charlene 4 EVA!!!!!!!

Cherry Bomb (The Runaways) – For the girl I never was!

Footloose (Kenny Loggins) – One of my earliest film clip memories. I loved the legwarmers and this is still one of my favourite party songs.

Reminiscing (Little River Band) – The perfect song.

Kiss The Dirt (INXS) – Early INXS was special. Michael’s lyrics are so real.

The Parting Glass (Clancy Brothers)– The song I want played at my funeral. It is beautiful and every time Mark Seymour sings it, it takes me back to Ireland.

Sweet Love (Renee Geyer) – This song is hot. And they managed to find a part in Chopper to play it. Sweeet.

Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie) – This film clip PETRIFIED me when I was younger. Dad would always play it and the whole thing just seriously scared me. Now I love it. Go figure!

Taste It (INXS) – Because I smile when I hear it and I know that Nadine would smile at the exact same time. We were into INXS big time

Crash Into Me (Dave Matthews Band) – The song that made me love them. Reminds me of catching the train to RMIT and thinking I was on Felicity.

Out of the Blue (Delta Goodrem) – I feel for her – she laid it all out and sung about what she was feeling and then got trodden on. I get it totally.

Misty Mountain Hop (Led Zeppelin) – In year 12, this was the song that we walked the Princes Bridge train platform to, every morning. Forget East 17. The Zep was IT.

Cheap Wine (Cold Chisel) – Everyone needs at least one Chisel CD. Instant homesickness if you are overseas.

Edelweiss and the Lonely Goatherd (Sound of Music) – I love this movie so much and it I’d love to be able to make a dress out of curtains!

Redneck Woman (Gretchen Wilson) – Anyone who manages to mention Wal-Mart and ‘Christmas lights on my front porch’ in the same song is a legend.

Dreams (Quench) –I remember hearing this at underage Metro on a Saturday afternoon and so began the relationship with dance music. It basically changed my life.

Cherry Bomb (John Mellencamp) – Everyone has had a ‘Cherry Bomb’ in their life.

Give It Away (Red Hot Chili Peppers) – When I heard this all those years ago, I was hooked. The film clip helped too.

San Antonio Rose (Patsy Cline) – I could sing this for 24 hours and still not get sick of it.

Miss You (The Rolling Stones) – I want to sing this as a duet with Mick.

You Oughta Know (Alanis Morisette) – First year uni and this rocked it. I also love how everyone goes “Ohmigosh did you know this was about Joey from Full House?!”

Born Slippy (Underworld) – This song was so amazing to me I can still remember the details of when I first heard it. 1996. Joy @ the Metro. I was standing near the staircase that comes off the main dance floor. I heard the beat and was memorised. I couldn’t even dance as I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

The Honeymoon is Over (The Cruel Sea) – I never get sick of this song and this is Tex at his best.

Baby did a bad, bad thing (Chris Isaak) – I like to play this while I am doing my makeup before I go out.

Come To Me (Diesel) – Because I really did think he was singing this to me while I was in year 9.