Mar 15 2006

Georgetown – just gorgeous!

The weather just keeps getting wierder the more we move around. From heat, to wind, to now expecting snow when we reach Boston. Today Virginia also tested their Tornado warning systems which was exciting. There have already been tornadoes in OK so I am expecting some interesting times in Amarillo, that at the moment is surrounded by wildfires.

Today was spent with a long walk around the Arlington National Cemetary. Saw JFK’s gravesite, Arlington House and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I then spent the afternoon in Georgetown, which was gorgeous and spied some old JFK and Jacqueline abodes. The streets were gorgeous and the Georgetown campus was spectacular, but not as inviting as Boston College.

Tonight will be an early night (aka no watching Roseanne on Nick @ Nite) before a full day at the Library of Congress tomorrow.

Then a very early flight to Boston on Thursday morning, just in time for St Pat’s.

Mar 14 2006

So long NYC, hello Wash DC

After a crazy week in NYC we have arrived in Wash DC to just GORGEOUS accommodation and … free internet access. Woohoo!

I have been moblogging a little too much at the moment… 😉

Had a wonderful birthday at Tao and did my shopping at Tiffany & Co for my present for myself. Spent most of my time in Greenwich where I managed to see Matthew Broderick and son at Starbucks and Dustin Hoffman in a paper and invitations store. Other than that lots and lots and lots and lots of walking.

Had a wonderful night in Philly on Friday at the Gaither Homecoming Concert and got to meet Ernie Haas at intermission. Woohoo!

Thanks for all your messages/emails and comments… apologies I didn’t post more in NYC but the EasyInternet was closed all weekend due to the money machines being full. Go figure!


Congressional Jenelle

Mar 09 2006

Finally getting a bit of a holiday…

LA was crazy.

In two short days we… spent a whole day at Disneyland, lined up for 1.5 hours on a Saturday night for one Chili Cheese dog from Pinks, went from the La Brea Tar Pits to Rodeo Drive, to Union Station, to Farmers Market, to the Grove, the Hollywood Bowl and then spent the afternoon driving around Bel Air and Beverly Hills doing Star Homes tour… 3rd time for me…! 🙂 We spent Friday night on the Sunset Strip (I will be staying at the Chateau next time as I just *have* to do it) and had a great night at the Rainbow Bar and Grill. On Sunday, we managed to have an In-N-Out Double Double feast before wandering up to Hollywood Blvd to see if we could see anything of what was going on less that 10 minutes from where I was sleeping. We couldn’t see a thing but the atmosphere was awesome.

Then before we knew it, it was 6.15am and we were on our way to LAX for a day flying over the country to land at JFK in freeeezing weather.

Haing a ball in NYC. Today we spend the day at the Met and wandered through Central Park, before spending some time shopping at Columbus Circle. This place never changes.

Will post more soon – time is going way too quick but our apartment is fantastic and we are having a great time. Tomorrow we will be spending the day in SoHo before I give in and have my Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery. Yummmmmmm!

Signing out from EasyInternet on 42nd…

Mar 03 2006

Nearing the departure gate…

Well in exactly 12 hours and 10 minutes, Ev and I will be taking off on our lovely Qantas flight for a sojourn in the USA.

LA is our first stop.

Then New York.

Then Washington DC.

Then Boston.

Then Ev leaves.

Then I go to Savannah.

Then Charleston.

Then Amarillo.

Then Oklahoma City.

Then … home.

I’ll be back eating Vegemite in a month. But will be posting lotsa updates and moblogging like crazy. The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy at work and home, thus the lack of updates.

We are packed, our iPods are charged and Qantas is showing Walk the Line.

I couldn’t be any happier than if they served warm rolls with dinner on the flight.

Will post more from LA where we are going to an exclusive Oscars Party at Anthony Kiedis’ pad in Bel Air. Well… we wish. Realisitically it is going to be a Holiday Inn, In-N-Out Double Double’s, PJs and our own company. Nothing can beat that.

Jan 30 2006

Humid Hoodoos

In what seemed like 95% humidity, we survived the one hour Hoodoo Guru’s show at the Open yesterday. Their energy levels were amazing considering everyone was truly melting!

Dream On – Aerosmith

Nov 01 2005

Lonely Planet Podcasts

Have still been playing with the iTunes store. Only bands that I wanted that don’t seem to be up yet are Dragon and Icehouse.. although I can’t imagine there is a great rush of downloads for Electric Blue, so they are forgiven.

In mucking around and downloading too many podcasts I’ve found that Lonely Planet recently launched their own. The latest pod is on New Orleans. This is definitely not going to help my travel bug as my current plans include another month long USA jaunt to head back to Boston, New York and Wash DC (haven’t been there since 1999). I am also planning on Charleston and Savannah and yes folks.. back to Amarillo and then a quick stop in LA for some In-N-Out.

I am also now working on developing the travel area of the site with my own hostel reviews (I should sell my content on to Lets Go! and Lonely Planet as I’ve stayed in wayyy too many) and lots of the good pics that were taken on… APS. *shudder*

Jul 04 2005

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July to America.

Thanks for being so great to me over the years – especially for inventing things like Beverly Hills 90210, Lifetime movies, Corn Dogs, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and for the hospitality that is always shown whenever I visit!

Jun 17 2005

I feel the earth move…

With the City of Angels shaking away at the moment it bought back memories of my first time in LA.

They say you have never lived until you have experienced an earthquake. Well how about about this – I got the chance to experience it – but slept through all 7.0 magnitude hits on the richter scale.

The 15th October 1999 started very early as it was a somewhat momentus occasion. My first trip to Disneyland. I remember our shuttle bus picking us up at about 8.30am and we wouldn’t be returning until 10.00pm so it was going to be a massive day. So massive in fact that Space Mountain, It’s a Small World and Splash Mountain left me so exhausted I fell in to a very very very heavy sleep when we eventually got back to the hostel.

The next morning at breakfast, other hostellers were commenting on ‘feeling it’, how it ‘woke them up’, how ‘stuff fell’. I missed out. I had actually slept through an earthquake. And not just any earthquake. This was the Hector Mine Earthquake. It derailed the Amtrak Southwest Chief. Buckled roads. Tipped over shelves. But couldn’t wake Jenelle.

If you read my 100 things list you can see that I can fall asleep just about anywhere – this was one time I wish I didn’t have that skill.

In the meantime, two ways to check out all that is LA at the moment – Franklin Avenue and Blogging.LA.

Apr 19 2005

I want to be a part of it…

I am back from our three week break in New York, Boston and LA.

Lots of pics, narrative and goss to come. Just let me get back in to the right timezone first!

Can’t wait to share!!

Mar 22 2005

Crash.. into me (and Dave)

Last night I met Dave Matthews – and I actually have proof.Too bad it is one of the most shocking photos I have ever had taken! But I will share it – just because I love to brag!dave.jpgSalina, Dave and I – at 1.00am, freezing and tired, outside the Palais Theatre, St Kilda.